After nearly 2 years of getting kenalog injections , I have finally regrown 80 percent of my natural hair back. At forst it was coming in a very pale color almost like baby fuzz.  My natural hair color is black.  Now it is nearly all my original color and has filled in all over my scalp. My dermatologist was so impressed that he moved my appointments to every 2 months instead of every month. Now if I could only get my natural eyelashes to grow . They have mostly grown back a pale color. I still have some of my natural eyelash and color but not all of them. Ok was also told that there is a new treatment for alopecia on the horizon and it should be approved by next year.  But I was told that I may not even need it by then. I'm just hoping this gets fully corrected and I never have to deal with it again it's been a very tough thing to adjust to and to deal with on an emotional basis.  Lol I always had to be the odd ball of the family.  Why I'm always picked to deal with rare things I do not know.  

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Hi That is great news.  My 16 year old just started getting the shots.  After the first round we saw peach fuzz like hair and it was white. That was about 2 weeks ago.  Now its mixed and he just had his second round.  He had no hair, eyebrows, or lashes.  Did you lose your eyebrows as well? He has no signs of hair there yet.   Did you have any side effects from getting the injections for so long?

My 10 yr old son has been battling Alopecia for 3 years...originally had great success with Clibetasol but now he has lost 97% of his hair and eyebrows are beginning to go as well. I have always been wary of the shots especially now that he is almost completely many shots is your son given in a round? Is it terribly painful?

My son has been having Alopecia for a year now.  He was on Clobetasol along with two other topical solutions and none of that worked.  He did injections last December when he was AA and did not want to do them again because of the pain.  Earlier this year he became AU and looking back to December after one round of injections there were signs of some hair. So last month \he asked me to try them again.  Instead of getting the injections all over, she suggested we only do them in the top center of his head as a test.  She used some type of cold spray first and he said he hardly felt them. After the first round he had white peach fuzz  hair (that was in September).  By the time we went back for the second round last week, he had more growth and it was mixed black and white hair.  So we will continue and just see what happens.  I am keeping a close eye out for any side effects, but so far nothing. He has no signs of eyebrows or lashes.  He loss those in April.

Thank you TMarie! Good luck to you and your son! Keep us posted on his progress!

You're Welcome!  Same to you and your son.  I will definitely keep you posted.  Are you on Facebook?  There is a group called Parents of Children with Alopecia. 

Are there any side effects to the injections?

My son doesn't have any side effects but there is a chance of temporary dents and the scalp getting thin. Dermatologist told us it depends on the strength given.

Side effects to the shots are skin thinning and scarring.

How many years did you have alopecia before you had these injections?    

  The strangest thing is happening I had chemo never got my hair back, but I stopped using this expensive CG428 when I retired in Jan and I have more hair than I have in 10 years. I do use Rogaine for men. It's curly soft hair and it's not enough for me to wear comfortable.I just hope that it keeps up and spring I can get it shaped and wear HAIR. My sister who passed a year ago she would say of all the people for this to happen to I always primped over my hair.  I'm very self-conscious and I tend to stay home a lot so I hope this all turns around after 10 years of this. Can anyone tell me what is something good that I can try you guys are talking about shots that you get is there a new medicine?

Xeljanz is the new treatment that they may be referring to in the above post. 5mg twice a day has restored hair in 75% of the participants. FDA fast racked this medicine for possible approval in July 2018. Clinical trials are underway. There is also a creme that can be used for smaller areas.

The injections my son gets are called Kenalog. Its a steroid injection 



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