I am hoping to start a thread where freedom wig wearers post a photo of their wig along with specs like the color/density/length/curl for other wears to get a perspective on how different combinations look in order to make the best and most informed decision when ordering a freedom hair piece. Does anyone know if something like this exists?

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Don't be surprised if the Freedom wearers don't reply to your questions.  I have one and would have liked to have done a little more research.  I like my wig however, I don't have a stylist close to where I live.  I traveled 3 hours and paid $300 to have it styled.  I'm not happy.  The only way I can wear it is in a pony.  Other wise it hangs in my face.  The hair is a little to thick and way to long.  I ordered 10 inch. I would look better in a shorter style.  I think the consultant should have advised that.  I'm not young and the hair is.

Hi Pamela - sorry you are not enjoying your Freedom wig.  That is exactly why I would like to start the thread.  So people can see what different combinations look like.  Get ideas for various cuts.  I am actually on my 4th Freedom wig and have love all of them!  I am just ready for a little different style/look and was hoping to get some ideas.  I do have a wonderful stylist (Denver area).  I think it would be worth it for you to do some research to find a stylist you trust, even if it is a long drive or even plane ride away - it can make a world of difference.  They can thin out your piece, and really cut/color however you would like it to look.  And your piece can absolutely be cut shorter to suit you.  Hope this helps and I hope people can upload some photos to share with other Freedom wearers.    

I have looked for a Stylist.  Nobody will touch it.  I paid $4,000.00 for my wig and really don't want to cut it down.  Every inch in the floor is a thousand dollars.  I can't afford several of these wigs.

Hi Pamela

Have you gotten in touch with your Freedom agent?  We usually have great tips and tricks that we can pass along.  I find with my Freedom hair there is a "breaking' in period.  I find that when my piece is new it does tend to fall in my face but after wearing for a couple months it starts to remember to stay out of my face.  I tell my clients in the beginning if it is in your face to much to just pin it back until it starts to stay out of your face on its own.  You can also use a tiny bit of hairspray to help it stay out of your face.  Hope this helps.  

Jody Gorski

Hi Pamela. There is definitely a "training" period for a Freedom piece where we need to train the hair to move in the direction you want it to go. This can be done by blow drying the hair off the face and in about 3-6 weeks time you should notice a difference in the hair being off your face. Hope this tip helps and a good hairdresser is a girls best friend when it comes to our wigs.

I can try that.  I don't have a hairdresser that is in a reasonable distance from me.  I don't like putting it in the pony because I can already see breakage. I do not wear everyday.  I recently was gone for 7 days and wore it everyday in the pony. I have only had the wig since January. 

Oh, my,  I have so often wondered about the same thing.  I am not young and the hair would be....suitable for someone in their 30's or younger.  Wouldn't it look odd on someone older?  Who can travel that far to have a wig styled? Surely not I.

A good stylist can thin  the hair, cut it shorter, and make it look like YOU. 

I flew a long way to get mine styled.

always tell your stylist, if nearby, WE ARE DOING THIS IN THREE STAGES, so they cut too much.

Those wigs are overpriced.

check out my Ebay listings.


Beautiful wigs for $299.

I were one like this every day.

I love this idea Erika. I don't know if alopecia world is the right venue to have this group as so many people tend to come on to these threads selling their own products. Maybe we could host a group like this on Facebook as a private group and add people who own a Freedom and who are interested in purchasing a Freedom wig. That way we can control who is invited to the group and it also maintains the privacy of the person joining and posting pictures. I love the idea of posting pictures though. Let me know your thoughts about a private Facebook group.

I like this idea.

I love this idea.  I have already contacted a couple clients who would be happy to post about their Freedom hair.  There are so many ordering options that posting photos and specs would give people a good idea about what they may want.



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