Has anyone tried Dr. Max Gerson's therapy for AA? This approach was designed to treat cancer utilizing hyper-nutrition through juicing and detoxification. The hypothesis being that so many diseases are the result of poor food and toxic environments. I watched the documentary about him on netflix, "The Gerson Miracle" and was fascinated. The all diet/ supplement therapy is said to cure many autoimmune diseases. I just ordered the book that goes much farther in depth. I contacted the Gerson Institute inquiring about information regarding the therapy's success with AA specifically, but this was unavailable--patient confidentiality, etc. I would LOVe to hear anyone's experience with this or any other raw foods/ juicing/ detoxification/ cleanse you may have done to address AA.

My daughter with AT was diagnosed over a year ago and through this discovered her gluten intolerance. For her, diet was negatively impacting her system. Last July we vacationed in Hawaii and in 2 days her enitire head was covered in peach fuzz. Much of this continues to grow. For her, diet and environment (toxic or less toxic) have observable impact on her alopecia. Now what are the remaining peices of this puzzle?

By the way, the Hawaii phenomenon may have been from all the vit D in that glorious sun, but we live in CA and my daughter has pretty much the same high sun exposure here. Can't quite figure it out, but am doing lots and lots of thinking!

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Its weird,
and this is very interesting ...
i try think back to when it happend which was 2 months ago so not so hard,
and find what i changed in my life to make it happen, anti bioitics is the only thing i can think of and abit of stress,
but yeah wouldnt suprise me if this worked in some cases,
the cases caused from bad nutrition
Nuclear waste in the ocean? More pineapple? Less homework and chores?
I have heard about this diet and am very interested in your findings. Please let us know if you find out if it can help alopecia.
Hi Erin,

The only thing to be careful about in regards to supplementation or ingesting a lot of immune boosting nutrients is that with AA it can actually make things worse. It sounds counterintuitive, but my AA actually gets aggravated when I have healthy foods like sweet potatoes (lots of beta carotene) or green tea. If you have an autoimmune disorder (like AA), these otherwise healthful immune boosters act like throwing gas on a fire. That's why dermotologists treat your skin with steroids -- it reduces the immune system in those areas of skin.

But since you've removed gluten from your daughter's diet (good going! -- there's a definite connection between celiac and alopecia areata, here's info: http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/symptomsofceliacdisease/a/Alopeci...), you've probably quelled the autoimmune reaction, so the coast may be clear to give her some immune boosting juice. I just wouldn't overdo it.

In fact, when my first outbreak of alopecia areata happened, it was shortly after taking a lot of green tea supplements for about a month. Green tea is a powerful immune builder. So is Zinc.
(One interesting thing is that Vitamin C doesn't seem to create a problem for me, though...)

Before trying this other approach, you might want to see if removing dairy products doesn't help as well. Most people I know who can't eat gluten can't eat milk/cheese as well. In fact, if I have any gluten or dairy, the areas on my eyebrow and scalp that had gone bald start itching again and the hair starts falling out fairly quickly.

Anyway, food for thought... Best of luck!

If alopecia is a dysfunction of the immune system wouldn't immunity boosting foods be beneficial in combatting alopecia?

@emmettbrown, you are incorrect.

Moving toward a healthier lifestyle will not make it worse. That is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard.
Sometimes, things seem worse before they are better.

I agree Rhiannon. I don't get this theory. However, kids with adhd are given Ritalin which is kind of like a legal speed and instead of revving them up even more it's supposed to calm them down!

I have alopecia univeralis, had it since I was 7 I'm now 22.. Grew about 60% of hair on my scalp throughout the years(never had any treatment) started jucing once or twice a day to lose weight for my holiday although I only juiced for 2-3 weeks hairs stared growing on my legs, arms, fingers and toes.. These hairs still remain even after I stopped jucing so I believe there is a correlation

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