Getting some regrowth, but afraid my wig has damaged my follicles

Hi everyone!

After a year and a half of AU, for the past couple of months I've started to get some regrowth!! :-) It started out as clear/white, now it is black (I used to be a dirty blonde). From a distance I look like a globe of the earth, LOL. The black patches are getting bigger and covering more of my head, but I am still shiny bald above my ears and basically all around my hairline wherever the wig edges are. Is it possible that wearing the wig (and nylon wig cap) has damaged my follicles so that they can't grow hair? I am really hoping that its just that the hair is regrowing in a random pattern and those areas might be the next to grow in.

Would love any advice, I tried searching the forums for this topic but couldn't find what I was looking for. Is there anything I can do to protect those areas from the wig? Would rubbing on lotions or castor oil help, or would that just clog the pores?


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I don't believe your wig will be causing the issue you are describing. Often when hair comes arrives in random places (just as it fell out). Above the ears, the nape of the neck (back hairline), and sometimes front hairlines are all stubborn places where extensive alopecia does not regrow well.


Hi, My daughter is in a regrowth time and the pattern of her hair growth is extremely strange. This is very common, just hoping it all grows back. I don't think the wig damages anything at all. Karen

It's probably just the random pattern!
Those places were the last to respond on my head as well!

Do try the castor oil! I may sound crazy and it might be coincidence but I have used castor oil ONCE (just last week) and I am already seeing a difference in my hair growth. It won't harm you as long as you wash it out and keep your scalp clean. But beware it's really greasy!

If you're worried about the wig rubbing on the edges of your scalp try a wig grip by Milano. They're fabulous! My 14 yr old daughter uses one everyday and it eliminates the need for glue or tape and she can also put her wig on and off by herself. This device has really give her so much freedom and confidence.



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