So, I'm really close to pulling the trigger on finally getting a wig, but I am still not 100% there because I'm concerned about getting the best wig I can afford.  Has anyone had any experience with either Hair Line Illusions or High Definition Hair?  

High Definition Hair has a great Instagram and tons of pictures and videos of the wigs, but it's still difficult because I'm not able to see them in person and there are hardly any reviews available online.  And Hair Line Illusions appears to be really expensive but the website kind of annoys me...there are very few pictures of the wigs on models.  I just can't get my head around what they'd actually look like on a real live person.  It concerns me that there are so few real life examples (and some of the pictures on there, I'm this just a stock photo or what?)

So, anyone - ANYONE - out there have experience or, even better, wigs from either of these places?  OR do you know of any better wig makers?  (I see a lot of stuff about Freedom Wigs on here, but I don't think Freedom Wigs are for me.)

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Good morning, I am the mother of a 27 year old daughter with AU. I ask you to please read my write up on Alopecia world about my trip to china to find the best hair and caps possible. My passion is to help others as though they were my own child. Since I was not able to control the loss of my daughters hair I had to find a way to control what quality wigs she would wear. They needed to be natural looking, not to dense and comfortable. I now have direct access to help others. Please feel free to call me or email me. I am putting it out there because I do not want others to make the same costly mistakes I did. My email is and my phone number is 310 291 0729.  I would be glad to send you pictures of hair pieces and caps to prove I believe to have cracked the code on wigs and now I am committed to help others. Lisa

Google: gardeauxwigs

Check out Gardeaux Wigs. Gardeaux Wigs is on,,, and YouTube. This lady from Santa Rosa, California, buys 100% human hair, high-quality wigs [mono-filament, lace front, silk-top, etc.] -- then she cuts and colors them. They all have “roots” and highlights/lowlights. Absolutely brilliant! They can be pricey -- but nobody knows it’s a wig! Beautiful!! Excellent reviews.

Thanks, I'm familiar with Gardeaux Wigs, and while the seller seems great and makes beautiful wigs, I can 100% still tell they are wigs.  Just not quite what I'm looking for.

Hi there,

I know this is an old post, but I am right at the turning point you were at when you posted it, and I have VERY similar questions and concerns - and to top it off had unique bio hair that is difficult to copy - so I was just wondering how you've fared since then. Any luck finding something that works for you? 

All the best to you!

Try they in my opinion are the best for  AU and whit good prices



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