I have been wearing Nutech or New Technology wigs for years. I am looking for an alternative and was wondering the following: How long do Follea wigs last? Are they prone to tearing? For those who have worn them are they cool in summer?

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If you do a search there are a few ladies here that have had Follea and like them and some that don't. Like everything there is always differing opinions.

I personally think it is better to fully understand your own needs around a hairpiece and work from there. There are a couple of Follea Reps here, but they haven't been around lately, maybe they will pop in and help you.

Follea Grippers are a lace and weft style wig with silicone around the perimeter and up the back in wefts to give security. From their site you have a choice of types. Custom or stock. Stock pieces come in a selection of sizes, lengths and colours. The hair used is processed, I believe unless you ask for a custome piece. The ladies below maybe able to help you further.

Just to clarify they are nothing like a Freedom Vacuum wig and are not affiliated with Freedom, there has been some confusion around this of late. They may be similar to your New Tech Wig as they are handtied and give what I would think would be similar security.

This is what I found in my quick search...there will be others have a look through for yourself.

Permalink Reply by Becca on June 17, 2010 at 6:59pm
I ended up getting a Gripper from Peggy Knight, It costed me $2,000.00. It's nice that I don't have to use tape but it's not secure on me. If the wind blows too hard the back of the peice will life off my head. I find the peice to be hot too. The gripper is lined with silacone so it grips to your head. It's like a mix between a vacuume and a net based wig. If you wants pictures message me and I will send them to you. I have had some problems with this piece.
Reply by Lori Van Decker on April 30, 2012 at 2:54pm
While pricey, the Gripper hair is lovely and top quality. Overall, I do not care for the construction or comfort level of the cap. My Gripper is a nice chin-length bob with natural movement. I ordered it specifically for ballroom dance activities. What I've found, however, is that if you perspire, the silicone does not grip and the unit moves around. (Imagine doing double and triple spins and your hair flying across the competition floor. NOT how I'd like to attract the judges' attention. lol) For dancing, I have much better results with a combination of Got 2BGlued and Mighty Tite on a custom fitted full lace wig.
The Gripper is very nice and I wear it when I'm not dancing, but I most likely will not buy another one.

Reply by Butterfly* on August 24, 2012 at 8:05am
hi, I do have one and I slept in it for 2 months. I also sleep in it know when I'm on vacation or I'm spending the night to some friends. it's ok, though in the summer i find it a little bit warm. my scalp tends to bbecome oily where the silicon parts are. also, if you sleep in it, it needs to be washed more frequently as it becoming oily just like your own hair.
After 2 months I bought a sintetic wig to sleep in it as i was very concerned not to "harm" my precious Follea. Know I'm sleeping using a turban (also Follea:P) and it feels just great.
Also, the life of your wig depends on how much you will wear it, so if you sleep in it the lifetime might be reduced. you might try to get an alternative just to be sure that you will have your follea for as long as you can ;)
let me know if I can help you with any other info.
I'm wearing mine since 2.01.2012 :) and it looks just great after almost 8 months. If you take good care of it it will up to 2 years.

Hope this helps.


I can highly recommend https://dresslily.com particularly if you've got mid to long hair. The wigs are made with real hair and they are very realistic.

Hi Meg,
I just got a Follea Gripper Cool wig and have had it for a little over a month, so I'm no expert, I do like it very much, the only other wig I owned prior was a synthetic, although very nice, it did not have the silicone to grip to my head, and felt very insecure, besides I felt it looked wiggy. The hair is wonderful and looks better each time I wash and style it (I'm getting better at it) I still have a bit of hair "spotty" on the crown of my head, so it grips really well to the perimeter where I have no hair, I've chosen to buzz the tad bit I have left, it just feels better without that small wad of hair under it. the top is hand tied and the sides and back is wefted, but the wefts are much closer together than others I've seen, and they are completely enclosed in a lace cap. I do not find it warm at all, which kinda surprised me, we have had some hot weather the last two months and I wasn't any warmer than without it. The hair is beautiful and has a natural movement to it. I ordered the 6 inch and wear it in a chin length bob, a bit shorter in the back. I don't know anything about the Nutech wigs, what are they like?? I was told that I can reasonably expect my Follea to last 2 plus years, but there are some who have had theirs much longer than that. They are pricey so I would hope that I would get at least two years out of it, I've not had any problems with tearing, sorry I haven't had it longer to give you a better idea, I hope others who have had theirs longer will chime in here. I wear my wig all the time and only take it off to sleep.

The NuTech wig is like a Freedom Wig but the cap is not made of silicone. I am a little hard on my wigs so I have come to the conclusion that a Follea Gripper is probably not for me.

Thanks for the great responses.

What type of cap is the NuTech - did you find it durable - also is it hot to wear? I went to the website but it is hard to tell what the cap is like. Can you get the wig in long lengths? Thanks

I believe the cap material is a polyurethane over a mesh base. The cap is very thin and is permeable to air and water. Wearing the wig in direct sunlight or when the temperature is over 80 degrees can be hot

I have had each of my wigs from 3 to 5 years. I do not wear any wig 24-hours nor do I swim in it. I have been careful with each of the wigs. The cap breaks down over time no matter how careful you are. You can have it repaired either due to cap breaking down or loss of hair. The hair stays in the cap very well because they do an end return of the hair at the base. With a repair I assume one could extend the lifetime of the wig further. My first NuTech wig hair was and an overall even length to my shoulder blades and straight as was my hair before loss. My second was chin length since as I aged I preferred shorter hair. By the 3rd wig, the hair was good but, not as refined as the first two, had a slight wave to it, and came in two lengths versus an overall single length.

I would get another NuTech wig if there was a representative in/around my area to fit the cap and to go through color matching etc... I have been fitting my last two caps myself and have relied on my file at NuTech to get a color match to my first wig.
Hope this Helps

Yes it does and thank you so much for the information. I was very interested in how hot it was as I cannot stand to have a hot head : (

Hi Lilybell

I believe all wigs no matter what there construction are hotter than no hair or your own growing biological hair.

I often feel frustrated with the comments especially around Freedom with regards to heat. I can only go on my own experience around this, but for my daughter and those I help in New Zealand heat is not an issue that compromises the want to wear a Vacuum wig.

This is what my friend has passed on to me with regards to the difference in cap types and what that meant to her. She has worn every type of wig available and finds the Freedom Vacuum a very comfortable alternative.

This is her opinion and my daughters. Because the Freedom Wig is fully customised accurately to your head shape and size it fits extremely well. This means that it takes on the heat of your body and does not cause insulation (which other cap construction types can cause - as you have lace,wefts, layers of material and the hair). The Freedom vacuum cap, as it is water vapour permeable creates a comfortable and extremely secure fit for the wearer. On hot days, wigs, no matter what they are, can not and do not keep you cooler. When you perspire in other wig cap constructions (net, lace, wefts or combination of these and silicone) the perspiration, oils go directly into the cap and hair - often leaving them damp and a little uncomfortable.

There is a little more to this than heat, as the features and benefits of all cap types need to be looked at, with the understanding that none are going to keep you cool on a roasting hot day. :)


Hi there. I no this post is a couple years old but I was hoping you could help me. I'm considering a follea gripper & wanted to know if u have any advise. I am totally bald so I know the gripper is a good choice. I wanted to know hiw the lace front holds up? Also tge back lace is stretchy & I'm worried it will stretch out & be too big after a whe. Any info would be appreciated
Thznks, Bernadette
The clients that I work with have not had any streching of the fit because they use the Follea Mannequin head and clamp. The styrofoam head forms have been know to strech out peices. Clients love the Gripper's for hot weather.

Call me ant time to discuss the Follea Gripper.

Carmen West, Master Stylist
Email: Cwestgb@aol.com Cell: 850-712-3369


Clients have not had a problem with the lace front, holds up very well.
Carmen West, Master Stylist
cwestgb@aol.com or 850-712-3369

Hi Bernadette

Yes this is a very old thread...but still relevant.  I am an advocate for Freedom Wigs and feel a little uncomfortable discussing other types of wigs.  My knowledge is fairly broad, but obviously I know a lot about the wigs my daughter wears. 

I would go back and talk to your Follea person to see what they say about your questions.  

Lace is a fragile product....but in the type of wig you are looking at it may not be an issue.  I would think the stretchy back is there for security and to hold it closely to your head...I can't comment on the wig you are looking at.  I do know that silicone in some circumstances (unless treated properly) and accurately fitted does not retain it's grippiness and can stretch.  

There are ladies here that wear Follea pieces and have been happy with the result.  I really can't comment too much about this as it would be seen to be a comparison which is something I really don't like to do unless asked directly.    

What I would suggests is that you continue looking at alternatives.  Read up about the choices available to you, especially if you have no hair at this time.  I'm not sure of what you want and what you have been told about other choices, but be open minded.

Good luck with everything.

Bernadette you posted your post after my post...I hope this was too me.  I'm afraid my post won't slot in after yours...for reasons I don't understand. 




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