Has anyone ever argued with you about your right to cover up your head?

It's been a while, but a couple of people have asked me why I "don't just go that way?"   They think I would look really cool with just a bald head.

It's fine for them to have an opinion but not to force their opinions on me.

I feel like they're trivializing this handicap and they're shortsighted.

In one case, someone had no concern for the fact that I was humiliated out in public.   

In another case, someone got animated with me and acted as if I had no right to be self-conscious.  "Okay then, be self-conscious!"  With anyone who is this stubborn, I just tell them that going around with a bald head exposed does not appeal to my taste.  To me, it's no different from any other piece of missing clothing.   When I have any strong feelings, I honor them and try not to suppress them since suppressing my feelings is one of my flaws.  

Going around with no head cover actually does detract from my appearance and I think I would have a right to my opinion and should not put anyone on such a high pedestal that they can make rules about how I dress and how I feel about my clothes.   

I think anyone who chooses to go around with a bald head would have to have such a perfect face and body that no one could ever find fault with them.  With this said, it would not be the right thing for just anyone and for this reason, I have not worn a bikini since I would very young since they do not look good on me and neither would going around with a bald head.  

Any time someone advises me about my choice of clothing, I expect some humility and especially when they have never lost their hair.     

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