Has anyone tried Cepharanthine, an approved medicine from Japan for alopecia?

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone heard of or better yet tried Cepharanthine to treat their hair loss?  I've been reading a lot about Cepharanthine lately and it seems to be very popular in Japan but most people outside of Japan have not heard of it.  Its approved by the Japanese ministry of health to treat alopecia. 

It's available to order online without needing a prescription and it looks really good, but I just wanted to see if anyone has had any firsthand experience with it?

Please let me know :)

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it's curious how little information turns up about it on google. I wonder if a person could even acquire this in north america

I came across this commercial source after a bit of googling. interesting that it's affiliated with LDN which is another drug people have attempted to use for AA


Really interesting, I didn't know that people also use LDN to treat alopecia?

Yes! I have been on 4.5 mg. LDN for 3 months now prescribed by my naturopath.  She also is using LDI (Google it) every 8 weeks, just had my second injection.  I guess the LDN takes 3-6 months to show any results. My hair is a mess....thin, frizzy and what was beautiful thick natural curly hair (2017) is now straight. I am going to begin using pure cold pressed Castor Oil mixed with a good carrier oil to try to stimulate the follicles.  I was a hairdresser so know a bit about the biology and anatomy of the scalp/body.  Bon

Has anyone ever had a successful treatment with ldn?

questionable results and anecdotal evidence. nothing concrete. 

Thanks so much for all your help!  I also found this article about it in case anyone is interested in more details

It sounds legit. Is it a for of ldn?

I'm not sure if I understand your question.  The article is about Cepharanthine.  There is a company called BuyLDN that has both Cepharanthine and LDN available for order.

The coolest thing is that Cepharanthine is now also showing potential in the treatment and prevention of Coronavirus!  you could look at the following article and see the study posted there too

Hi there! To be honest with you I have actually never heard of it and consequently I have never tried it. I’m sorry if I can’t be of any help. Haven’t you found any piece of information on google or on some kind of website dedicated to health issues. Maybe you should ask a professional so you won’t get the wrong dosage. Once again, I wish I could have helped you but I know nothing about this product. Let me make up for this by informing you about iinsight, a cloud-based case management and reporting system. If you have time, check out their website, which is https://www.iinsight.biz/.



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