Have wig, will travel...as long as airport security doesn't make me take it off ;)

My husband and I are going on vacation in a few weeks and we must fly in order to get to our destination. Has anyone ever flown while wearing a wig and if so do you have to take it off and put in a bin when going through airport security.

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I really don't think they will ask you to take it off, however, they have private areas in the event that they request that you remove it. If it makes you feel any better, I have gone through airport security with no problem.
I have lived 29, 30 yrs in a wig and tho I don't travel alot by airplane, I have several times and there has never been an issue with security. To me that would be like them telling me I have to show them my bra to prove I am wearing underwire. If they try to pull some crap like that, tell them they are outta their minds! Anyway, you have fun and don't worry about that, it really should not happen.

I can highly recommend https://dresslily.com particularly if you've got mid to long hair. The wigs are made with real hair and they are very realistic.

It sounds like you have some great advice and encouragement about going through airport security with a wig. It shouldn't be a problem. Have a wonderful vacation.

Although it isn't your thing, I want to share with others my experience going through airport security in a scarf, and bald. After I lost my hair 2 and a half years ago, and wasn't yet comfortable being bald in public, I once wore a scarf while flying. Every single article in my carry-on was searched - first time this has ever happened to me. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

Since then, I always go through airport security bald, and I've flown a number of times that way. The TSA agents are super nice to me. I'm cool and comfortable. I haven't ever had my carry on hand-checked again, and go through quickly. I'm just saying....

hey, i have a question,
what about visa photo, they as for recent photograph. so, shall i give original or with wig?
Note: my passport also have photo with wig.

I have never had any issues going through airport security with my wig on - even with the tabs in the wig (I think/thought they were metal) I always thought that if there would be a problem I would tell them of my situation and if they required me to take off my wig I would ask to be taken to a private area. I guess it is like going through any other type of security system such as a federal building - never had a problem there either.
I hope you have a terrific vacation!
Nooooo wayyyyy. I hope not!!!! I won't ever fly again! I was wondering the exact same thing..... They can't make you take it off... that would be so humiliating.....
Thanks so much for all the input. I feel a lot better now about flying.
I have worn a wig for the last 4 years and gone on holiday abroad every year. I have never had a problem at security or had to take off my wig. No need to worry, have a lovely holiday. x
I fly all the time and never ever had a problem even internationally when with my passport picture is of me without any hair on. It depends on the metal in order to know if it will go off but they will never make you take it off.
Have a good time and don't think about it. Nobody will ask you if you're even wearing a wig. I go through security with no hair when my passport has hair or I go through with very long hair when my photo has short hair.

It's your eyes, and about 11 other things on a checklist they're looking at and observing. All that time to "inspect" the passport and s-l-o-w-l-y pass it back to you is just time to watch behavior.

Have fun!

Hi Chantell,
I've been wearing a wig for 38 years...even when the wigs I wore had more wire in them. I've traveled to various states and countries and have never once been asked to take it off. I remember my first plane trip when I was 19, I was sooo worried. I remember a friend's mom telling me that they are looking for more than what amounts to about the amt. of metal in a safety pin. Anyway, relax and enjoy your trip. I'm sure everything will go smoothly.



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