hi everyone ...this is my first post on this forum ...sorry for my bad english im from europe and i know i dont speak very well... I need some help or advice for buy my first wig ! i have alopecia since i was 5 so i dont have any hair.... this isn't i real problem for me , i like how i looks like also without hair , i have a lot of headwear and i like it but i want to try something new ! id like to have some different wigs in different colors so i can change my look when i want.... here in my country there arent good wigs shop because only a few people use wigs ...i watching so many web site and i found this forum ...maybe you can help me ! i looking for a synthetic wig with lace front ...i saw many good review on youtube about the jon renau wigs... i like the jon renau hair cut and i find a shop for costumize the cao ...what do you think? is a good choise? do you have any experience ? for my first wig i dont want to spend more than 300$ ...maybe if i like that i buy a human hair one in a second time .... thank you to anyone can help ;)

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If you go on wigsupport.com they review all types of wigs. Just put in the type you want in the search.

wigsupport is a hard site to navigate. I just joined this weekend. I like this site much better.

Hi i use a good supplier that sells very natural wigs its took me 5 years to find a good one.I dont know if they sell synthetic but they are very real like my own hair used to be.i have had about 6 now and they have a hairline.i am sure synthetic is cheaper in price i am not sure.

Who is the supplier? This looks fantastic!

hi i bought it from hair4head.com it was only £450 or round about that price.I used to pay £2000 for nothing like as real.Its Russian hair too so worth alot more.Its the most natural i have had.

I trust the site, Bald Truth, and found this link regarding hair4head.com. The reason I checked them out is that the site looks similar to many that are popping up copying Hair Direct. Many of these sites use pictures that are not their own, also show pictures of people that are not wearing anything on their head saying this is an example of the company's work. Always check out potential online companies with scambusters, Manta, the BBB before you purchase, you may be surprised.

Oops, forgot to put the link to Bald truth talk about hair4head...here is is, read the last post:

Check out Wigselling.com I really don't know where they are, I somehow came across it. Cute styles. Some familiar styles. Here's the issue. They advertise colors and sizes not possible. Like a Raquel Welch style I know well. I selected color 613 in Petite. That does not exist in this wig. But it allows me to choose this, and pay the money to have it shipped. Go figure. Makes one leary of alot of the sites on line.

Check this out:
It is so sad that there ARE so many preying on people with real needs. I visited that site and the pricing is just too good to be true...
Hope you did not fall for it and order Lexi. You are too smart.

Hi Chris,

As this is actually my own hair! you cant make comments like that..i think i know where i bought my system and who took the picture(my hubby) haha i only mentioned the name of who i bought it from as somebody asked me! x

Hmmm, you seem a bit too excited about my posting just what I had found about that site. I said nothing about your hair, and if you had good luck I am happy for you.

Hi Chris,

I was just upset you said my picture was some other site when its clearly my own one from hair4head.com taken by my hubby.I am happy though you mistakenly thought the picture was a hiardirect one as that means i have done well with the price as it looks as good.I cant afford to pay too much.Thanks x



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