I am a 49 year old professional female that was just diagnosed with Alopecia.  I have five round spots that are growing rapidly.  I work in sales and travel often.  I need to quickly start the process of purchasing a wig but have absolutely no idea how to get started.  Can anyone give me the basics?

Thank you!

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Without knowing what length, color or style of hair you had or like it is hard for me to make suggestions, but not impossible. Before you go out and spend large amounts of money you should take a look at the Rachel Walsh, synthetic, all hand tied monofilament top, lace front. The nicest one I have had experience with is a wig called UPSTAGE and Name Brand Wigs on the internet is one of the best companies to work with. This wig is light as a feather. Ask for Leaha and she will spend much time working with you over the phone to get you the best quality wig for the price. Ultimately, the best wig to wear is a human hair wig and I would be glad to offer my thoughts on that when and if you want to go in that direction. I help ladies with advice before they go to wig salons so that they end up with the most information they can so they are happy with their purchase. Knowledge is power and do not let salespeople push you into something you are not going to be happy with. Let me know if I can provide any more information or answer any further question. Regards, Lisa

Thank you - I sent you a private message.

Also, you will need more than one.  I suggest at least three in the style and color that you decide on, if you can afford it.


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1. Decide if you prefer a synthetic wig or a human hair wig.
WE recommend you to choose human hair wig, because 
◆Natural Texture ◆Realistic Appearance ◆High Quality ◆Style Versatility ◆longerity

2. Budget, as you are a first-time wearer, please be sure to choose quality wigs with reasonable price. 

3. Look for a wig that flatters the shape of your face. there are several hair texture (curly, wavy, straight) being sold on the market now, try and see which texture is best for you.

4. Google some basic knowledge on how to wear and care for your wig, as proper care for the wig will promise a longer life. If you wanna know more details or prices on human hair wig, please visit our website: https://www.lsybeauty.com/affordable-wigs-for-women.html

or you can mail to info@lsybeauty.com hope we could give you some help before you buying your first wig. cheers

BTW, WE provide free video tutorial on how to wear wigs. you can find more useful videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi_7hlkDnjFSBFUt6YhzyCw

I wanted to say that the Cysterwigs site is a valuable resource.  The owner, Heather, posts a lot of video reviews that have helped me to learn more about wigs.  And there are many helpful posts on their blog about wigs - colors, face shape, etc.  They used to do free exchanges but I see that they now charge 10% to return a wig, which I still find to be a reasonable policy.

My starter wig was the Cody wig by Amore.  I also wore Erin for a while and really liked it.  Both are classic bobs.  The Amore wig line is high quality but they do better with mid-length to longer hair.  They are thick heads of hair so you would need to go to a hairdresser and have them thinned or styled to your specific face.   I haven't liked the shorter wigs I have tried from Amore - I find them very unstylish on.  Also, if you still have hair, the Amore line has a smallish cap size - depending on whether you will cut your hair short, that could be an issue with your bio hair.  

Jon Renau has great color combinations and I was able to find a brown with lovely streaks of blonde and auburn.  Initially I kept ordering wigs that were too dark for me.  I'm currently enjoying their short pixie cuts-Natasha and Rose have been my favorites this summer, so far.  I tried Ignite, a very popular wig, and hated it.  I also tried Diane, which I liked a lot, but it rode up in the back.  Maybe I got a dud.  Going to try and glue it on in the back and see if that makes a difference.  I do better with shorter styles, but I think Jon Renau's longer styles, which I tried but returned because they did not suit me, are beautifully crafted.

I do have a Raquel Welch wig, the Straight up with a twist, which I find the hair at the bottom clumps up because it is a heat-defiant wig and those have more static than other non-heat defiant wigs.  Other than that, the fit, color and lace front are great quality.  Raquel Welch brand is created by Ellen Wille, a German wig maker that is known for its stylish short dos that have low hair density (there's less hair in the wig).

Also an idea but also a warning - if you have any sort of local representative or wig shop available to you, it would be a great idea to go there and try on many different wigs.  However, I have had the experience of having a hair salon (I am thinking of a pricy one on Newbury street in Boston) take advantage of my lack of wig experience to saddle me with what I later realized was an extremely low cost (think $150 max) wig and hair dye it and cut it to my features, to the tune of $1600.  I could now buy five awesome wigs for that amount.  The vast majority of wig stores/salons are legitimate -- I just hit a dud there.

Good luck on your wig journey.  They have made such a difference in my psychological health for the past few years.  It's definitely a learning curve but in my opinion worth it, if you feel the need.

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most wig websites have instructions on how to buy a wig. the best kinds are monofilament top and lace front. I have a few that are barely wore out. would you like me to send u one.. I'm 36 in Louisville ky. dont know how I could send you one but would love too.i work in medical. I donated a bunch to our local cancer center her but want to give to my alopecia people

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