Oh how I wish I  could apply false eyelashes.  I have tried again and again and again.  Does anyone have any fool-proof hints?


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I use blinkies. I've been using them for years and I swear by them. Easy to apply and if you take care of them, one pair will last one-two months.


What are blinkies and where do you get them?

What is the part of the lashes that bother you the most? Application, product, appearance?  

I find the glue makes me eyes tear and burn no matter the brand. And without lashes, I just don't like the appearance of false eyelashes. I've not ever heard of BLINKIES - thanks for the suggestion, JCKAH!

I agree.  It is the application that messes me up.  I have used half lashes that look more natural but applying them is, for me, a nightmare.  I have watched countless you tube tutorials but they always use people with lashes still. SO different when you have bald eyes.

Oh my gosh. You're so right., I've studied those tutorials and it just doesn't transfer to my non-existent lashes.

I get my lashes and adhesive from head covers.com.  I have tried many brands over the years and find these work best for me.  It took a lot of practice, but now I can do it in a minute or less and my lashes stay put all day. It reminds me of learning to put in contact lens. It seemed impossible at first. I don't have any natural lashes, but I always wear my false ones. Good Luck!!



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