I learned more from this site than I did from a "qualified physician"

It's so interesting that since I've been on this forum, I've learned so much more about alopecia areata, universalis, totalis, etc. from the information and observations from the members on this site. I learned about the disease and, over time, how to deal with it through this forum.

I think back on my friends, as well as myself, who had sought answers from physicians because, well, they were physicians. They're supposed to be smarter than us, right?

Nope. I was given salicylic acid, antibiotics, cortisone creams, a couple of sessions of painful (useless) injections, etc.

My cohorts went to 4 to 5 different "derms" each of whom did biopsies, and not one of them could agree on the course of action for the same problems. Most of the time, the biopsies kept coming back with different results: Mostly negative.

Then the thyroid tests, liver panels, more tests...each coming back with different results. 

One of them finally "caved" because her MD "strongly recommended" a hair transplant procedure.  

And it failed.

I learned in the medical field that most of the time you're referred to surgeons because doctors and surgeons are "good friends' as long as they wash each others hands. 

Believe it or not, folks, I learned more just reading, researching, and experimenting on my own and on this forum. Learning what to do and what NOT to do regarding hair growth, but, most importantly, I learned to stop running hither and thither to different physicians for answers.

Just because they have an MD doesn't mean they are smarter than you. I think in many cases it's because they're more "privileged" than you.

And that's it.

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Barbara can you send me info on monat? What happens if you stop using it after regrowth?


I apologize for my delayed response.  I will send you the link to read about how the "Science of Monat" addresses the DHT.  These products are specifically for healthy hair, scalp, hair regrowth.


I would love to talk to  you in person so if you want to discuss further, or have a 3-way call with anyone else suffering from alopecia, let me know.  I'm here to help.  Like I said, this is personal.  I lost half of my hair from getting off of Monixidil (6 years).  Monixdil has chemicals in it that go straight to the bloodstream and how is that good for our bodies?  Chemicals cause cancer. 

My sister is currently in chemo and I have met several women that are getting on Monat.  They currently are bald, but we are starting to "feed the scalp" to prepare the follicles for better and healthier hair bulb.   Feeding their follicles now will prep them for healthier more beautiful hair. 

I'm so excited about helping others all over the US.  Take a look at the website and see if it makes sense.  I am proud to be a part of this amazing company..  I know that this website does not endorse any products, but giving people hope is what we do. 

Google "Monat Before and After Photos".  There are tons of photos on there.  Only Market Partners like me can submit these to the corporate office to show results. 

Let me know how I may help you.



I'm interested in the Monat as well....how many alopecians have tried this with success?


Please read my reply to Molly above.  I can talk forever about what Monat products have done for alopecia, cancer patients, people with thinning hair, balding.  I am very aware of how this feels.  I put Minoxidil on my hair 2 x a day for 6 years.

When I stopped with Minoxidil, my hair fell out. I was very depressed. I lost half of my hair and that was enough to kill my esteem, social life and I went into depression. 

When I found Monat, it took 3 plus months to see a significant difference.  My hair is healthier now.   I went to my hairdresser a few weeks ago.  He took a picture of my scalp and then enlarged it for me.  He still sees "tiny new hair" coming in.  

I have a 30-year old man whose hair was falling out every day in the shower.  After using Monat 4 washes, he told his mom that he had no more hair falling out in the shower.  He had already lost a lot. 

Please read the Science of Monat and see if it makes sense. I have learned so much from this company and I love helping one person at a time.  My heart goes out to everyone who has hair loss, alopecia most of all.  Your hair will grow back!


Let me know what I can do for you.  If you want to talk, my phone number is 512/507-1153. It's best to leave a message and I will return your call.  


Barbara, I find it disturbing that, since Monday - when you apparently joined AW - you've made approximately 20 posts, virtually all of them hawking your product and spouting easily digestible junk science.  

If you were actually interested in supporting your fellow alopecians, you would recognize that support does not involve trying to make a sale.

And let's be clear -- making a sale is exactly what you are trying to do.  You are using this board to market your product.  Your primary purpose isn't to help people.  That's just your sales pitch.  Your primary purpose is to make money by selling these products.  You receive a commission every time someone buys Monat through you.  And you are asking people on this board to buy Monat through you.

Monat is a marketing scheme similar to Mary Kay.  It's got about as much "science" behind it as Mary Kay.  You are essentially a Mary Kay salesperson -- if Mary Kay salespeople went around claiming that their products cured psoriasis or skin cancer.

People come here for support, not to see some salesperson on every thread and constantly told to buy a product.  You've made your pitch, several times.  It's time to back off (not that you should have ever done this in the first place).

Here's another problem that I've got with your posts, beyond the ubiquity and shamelessness of them: your nonsensical, alarmist, pseudoscientific rhetoric.  You're mostly parroting language off the Monat website, which appears to be a full of a lot of unverified, unscientific nonsense.  But you've added some junky statements of your own.  "Chemicals cause cancer."  That is just a vast generalization meant to alarm readers into thinking that your product is somehow better than anything else in the market (e.g., Minoxidil) OR, better yet, meant to make readers believe that their health problems are all environmentally caused and can, thus, be "cured" with your topical shampoos and oils.  That's not true.  In other threads, I've seen that you've encouraged people to stay away from medications and to look into Monat instead.  In another thread, you made the fantastically uninformed statement that doctors don't know anything about hair loss, but scientists -- and specifically, Monat's scientists -- do.  I'm not sure that you could be more transparent in your quest for customers.

Mona claims that its products have been independently tested.  UNTRUE.  There are no actual independent studies -- meaning studies that were NOT funded and controlled by Monat - that show that Monat products effectuate permanent hair growth.  The clinical studies PDF claims that "[t]hese independent clinical studies were conducted at top manufacturing and research centers."  What are the names of those manufacturing and research centers?  The studies found on the Monat website are all one-offs -- one-time studies with a pretty small number of participants, screening protocols of the participants aren't explained, no indication that the results have been duplicated in other studies, etc., etc.  

Please provide the peer-reviewed studies that have found Monat to effectuate permanent hair growth.  By "permanent," I mean that alopecians do not have to spend hundreds of dollars per month buying products for the rest of their lives from salespeople like you or signing up for auto-renewal "VIP" programs on the Monat website in order to have and/or maintain hair growth.

If Monat "scientists" from these "independent research centers" had truly discovered something groundbreaking to treat hair loss, they'd be publishing in peer-reviewed dermatology medical journals.  They're not. 

There is ZERO scientific evidence that Monat will provide permanent relief for any type of alopecia.  You have no expert or scientific knowledge beyond the simplistic and unverified marketing materials that Monat has provided to you as a sales partner. 

Monat's whole sales scheme -- the scheme that it wants its salespeople like you to use -- most revolves around social media and finding customers through chat boards and forums.  That's what Monat trained you to do and that's why you're here.  

I think that coming onto these boards to hawk your products is unethical because you are really trying to take advantage of people's emotional vulnerability here.  I'm not expecting you to muster up any shame, but you definitely need to hit the brakes on your constant pitching and recognize that these boards aren't just a free buffet of potential customers.

Thanks Stacie..

"Regrow" isn't the first one to come here on this website hawking "Monat"  Another chick "MomtoAlopecia" came on here with the same presentation of "Oh yes, i understand your problem - and MONAT saved my life" crap.  It's probably the same person who re-joined under a different name.

There were a few desperate members doing the same thing that the others are doing.. Buying into a sales pitch.  

I called Miss "Mom" on her bull and she didn't handle it to well.  She had a few choice words then put me on ignore.  I just popped in on this thread and here's this crap AGAIN.. 

This time, the pitch is much more aggressive and well as more frequent.

What i DON'T get? People are so desperate for hair growth, that if a person came here selling moose piss in a bottle, and claim that it grows hair down to your knees while you sleep - members wouldn't hesitate to whip out that cash or punch in their credit card numbers - even though they KNOW it's a sales pitch, even though there's no proof that it works.  

In the last thread that i caught this sales person hawking their wares - i asked the members to head over to Amazon.com and read the reviews where other people have bought that snake oil and no one but the "capes" for that company are giving it 5 stars.

Come on people, how is it that even against your better judgement, you STILL fall for this nonsense?

Well, all i can say is feel free to give "Regrow" or "MomtoAlopecia" or "Barbara" or "Donald Trump" all of your money.  They'll take it gladly, no problem.



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