Hello, I've heard there is a lady with a program called Alopecia Angel, and it seems to have legit reviews. But, i'd like to hear from any of you here, if you know someone or if you've ever tried her program? I'm thinking about joining it. I just want to be 100% sure. 

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Heck no!!!

More snake oil!!!

She is a scammer.  I bought her program.  I was supposed to get an intake form with a customized program.  

I had a family emergency and couldn't start on the date.  After a few months, I tried to access the program I paid $1k for, and surprisingly, I had gone past the date of availability for the program!?!?!?!  I would have to pay monthly for access to the program I purchased!  It was $60 a month, then a few months later, it went to $97 a month with at least six month subscription.  She is using people's emotions to take their money!  Beware. 

Snake oil. 

I have never heard of it sorry, beware for a great deal of scammers. I must say though I have been suffering from alopecia since I was 29, I just turned 54. I research like crazy, the only tx that help is oral medication to suppress the immune system, prescription by dermatologist. I take Xeljanz, but there's litfulo, ollumant a variety of other JaK inhibitors. 



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