Just wondering...... what kind of silly, ignorant or crazy comments have people said to you, a friend or a family member about Alopecia? 

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A few weeks after I got my first wig, I actually had someone pull on it to see if it was my real hair.  AN ADULT DID THIS!  Luckily at that time, I still had some hair left and the wig clips prevented the wig from coming off when he pulled. 

Didn't we learn as kids to keep our hands to ourselves??? lol 

omg I hated people even touching my real hair when it was thinning.. had a lady always tugging on it P*ssed me off...no respect

"I don't really think your eyebrows are that big of a deal for the pictures...".

This was said when I stated that I didn't really want to take an unnecessary work group photo while I didn't have eyebrows or eyelashes.

My response, "Cool, so why don't the rest of you shave yours off and we all take the photo together then?"

All I got back was a dirty look on that one.

I missed this post first time around....but I have to say how much I love your response BaldheadSlick...really great.


Just before I gave in and buzzed my fast departing hair off, I shared with some of my coworkers( hospital) that I would be getting a wig very soon, and felt good about being done with the struggles and worries of my bald spots showing through. when one of my coworkers actually said "my husband would leave me if I even cut my hair" this was believe it or not a doctor. I could not believe it and was too shocked at the moment to reply, thankfully my husband didn't leave me.

my husband married me knowing I had AU.. and he's a lil younger then me to top it off.. hair shouldn't make the person even tho sum think it does .....pretty sad world we live in huh

"I would die if I lost my hair"

My older sister said so, when I got bald at age 17. The comment still hurts so much, after  17 years.


That is so sad...People say that time heals....well I don't think it does.... it really is what you do with the time that helps us heal...hope your sister and you are working on healing this. 


After shaving my head due to the spots someone went out their way to tell me they "really didn't like my hair that way".
When I shaved my hair off and decided to go bald I stopped wearing the bandanas and scarves. A co-worker said, I don't know why you don't continue to wear the other stuff, they looked cute and couldn't even tell your hair was gone. The point was, for me, they weren't comfortable and I chose to be bald. Some people don't get it and could never imagine. We are a very strong minded group my fellow AA and AU members.

I was shopping one day about six months ago.  The saleswoman stopped my and said 'I like what you've done with your hair.'  .....I'm bald.   My response,   "Thanks, It was nothing!"      

Someone once said to my son, who had AA and multiple bald patches at the time, that he knew exactly how he felt because he had a patch of eczema on his arm - What the heck?!!




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