After second moderna shot my hair started to come out which was not right.

The Demotroglist did biolosy said he believes it brought it on.

Was on Doxycycline but caused too much acid reflex so now want me on  plaquenil but No don't want that as it could cause detached retina and your immune system very low.

So either shots to scalp.

Is there any shampoo you use.

I also was give a topical solution to put my scalp.they say sometimes test say false positive.


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The problem with Alopecia is it is always a guessing game as to what brought it on. The biopsy is a good way for the doctor to learn more about the hair follicle and really does assist them in making the diagnosis. To be honest alopecia is from within your body and a shampoo is not going to do the trick. The shots to scalp can slow it down perhaps but is not really a fix. Tried the topical treatment and that did not work for daughter either. It just aggravating the scalp, but again did not do the trick. Again, alopecia is a wait and see situation. 

Hi there! I am sorry this is happening and so hard for you. Have you received your diagnosis? Only you can decide what treatment is best for you and the start is knowing what type of hair loss you have. Hang in there. 

A large amount of people have been doing great in terms of hair regrowth with JAK inhibitors. 

There is a large thread of people using Tofacitinib here 

JAK inhibitors seem to be a significant step change for Alopecia Areata as they block the signal that triggers the whole process of autoimmune attack to the hair follicles. 



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