Has anyone had their eyebrows microbladed that care to share their experience? What was the cost of the procedure, how long did it take, are you happy with the results? Seriously considering it really soon, drawing eyebrows on is exhausting! Thank you in advance.

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I have heard that it is much better then the regular tattoo that they were doing. If you are thinking about doing it ask the establishment to see before and after pictures. Check reviews and be sure everyone is happy. That would be my advice. Also, think that after you have it done you might still have to soften them with placing a powder on brows. Just my thoughts. 

I've already seen her work, it's amazing, looks so real! I'm going for it. I need to call and schedule my appointment. Super excited, thanks for replying.

I am having it done at the end of the month at Studio Sashiko in Vancouver, Canada. It's meant to take about 4 hours, and my artist is $500, although there are cheaper and more expensive artists at the studio. I'll update on the results once it's done :) 

I've been quoted $850. I'm doing it soon too! Results to follow for sure! Thanks for replying.

I had it done and I am loving it.  I posted a video on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCboXZGH3zw9PrV4Sm4IdZvg - so other alopecians could see exactly what happens when you get it done. I was extremely anxious and thought my video might help others not be so anxious. :)  

Here is the link 


The link shows everything from getting numbing cream put on, to seeing the actually microblading being done to the final look. :)

Thanks for sharing, I will watch your YouTube in a little bit....looking forward to permanent brows again! I've never had nice brows but I did have them, they lest my face in January along with most of my eyelashes.
Wow, that was super helpful.....loved watching the procedure. I'm looking forward to my brows! Thank you so much for sharing such a person journey.

is it good for man? i think no...


I had mine done last April, with the follow up appointment last September.  They are supposed to last 1-3 years.  It was $450.00 and the follow ups down the road are less.  Attached is a picture of mine, done in Naperville, Illinois by Permanent Makeup by Erin.

They look great! I go on April 18th can't wait!

Wonderful are they so natural under all lights? i'm afraid to be detected 

I've had my friends up close and personal and they are amazed at how real mine look.



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