Has anyone had their eyebrows microbladed that care to share their experience? What was the cost of the procedure, how long did it take, are you happy with the results? Seriously considering it really soon, drawing eyebrows on is exhausting! Thank you in advance.

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I worked the next day, it was fine. They look great right after, they darken and then fade a little. You can't get them wet for 10 days, those were the rules my anestitician gave me.....two visits approximately 4-6 weeks apart and it was completely finished! Good luck to you!

I had mine done and I love it!! I am now considering doing the eyeliner. Learning how to put false eyelashes on is exhausting!!

I get mine done on a yearly basis.  First time $700 Can but $250 thereafter.  Jodi at Cinnamon Girl in Calg, AB.  She is great!!!  There are many new microbladers now, but word of caution.  Don't go by price.  Go by before & after pics of other customers.  I have seen some not so great jobs by others.  Mine are so natural looking, I love them!!!  No down time and whole procedure in and out is 30 minutes max.

I agree, price is no real indicator of the skill of the technician. Also, inform yourself about the new techniques out today, like 3D microblading, etc.  Nothing done will ever lok 100% natural except having natural eyebrows, so for people like us, we have to do the next best thing

I wanted to give my update on this. Shortly after seeing this thread for the first time, I got microblading done.

The first time I did it, I got it done with a lady who had great reviews and was pretty cheap. I loved how they looked at first, but they were already starting to fade by the time I went in for my touchup about a month later. I went in for an additional 3 touchups because they were fading so fast. After the last one, I decided to give up because it was kind of pricey and it just didn't last long enough.

Well, I ended up winning a silent auction for microblading with a different lady. She was happy to do my microblading and also eyeliner for free, and all the touchups for free.

The eyeliner was a horrible experience for me, but I'm someone who HATES people touching my eyes and probably could never do something like Lasik because I'm so touchy about them. Even without my added flinching, she eventually gave up on doing my eyes because every time she did the cut, my eye welled up and the tear water washed the ink away. If you don't suffer from dry eye, you might have the same problem. She attempted this for about an hour and a half and all I got was a tiny thin line on the bottom lid of one eye that stuck. I'm not planning on doing that again. My general feeling about the eyeliner was also that it fades similarly to the eyebrows but looks much less covering that the eyebrows; I think that even if I got full eyeliner to work, I would still want to keep putting on eyeliner daily because I'd want it darker, closer to the lid, and fuller.

This second lady was also experienced in other forms of tattooing (she also does ariola tattoos) and a skilled artist who considered herself a specialist in color correction. This was great news for me because by this time it had been some 6 months since my last touchup with the previous artist and my eyebrows were distinctly red; the ink had continued to fade and most of what was left were angry red marks that were a mix of the scarring and the natural fade of the ink. My new artist did a full microblading treatment and then two followup appointments. 

Because of my skin pigment (I have pretty fair skin) the ink has a natural tendency to move toward red. It's been about 6 months since my last touchup, in which she worked hard to color correct, using a dark greenish ink to counteract the red. It worked, and my brows are less red than they were after the first artist, but they are still somewhat red.

Overall, I have a mixed opinion on microblading. It doesn't last nearly as long as I had hoped it would, and the color fading is pretty unpredictable. However, I would say the experience was worth it for one important thing: I am NOT an artist. Most of my eyebrows are gone and drawing them in...never looked very good. I don't have that skill. Even though I still color in my brows (just a bit) today, the outline of the tattooing helps a ton to keep the shape looking natural. And where my added color might rub off...there's that backup layer to help.

I also have fair skin and used to have auburn hair.  When I started colouring my hair blonde, I had to fight against the red and use ash to prevent brassy tones.  My micro bladed brows have never turned red.  Thinking it must have to do with the ink she used that yours turned red.  I have seen ladies whose dark eyeliner turned red.  Perhaps she used the same ink?  But they do fade and have to get them done annually.  Using pencil now due to Covid lockdown but anxious to get them done again.  

have you tried Mytwobrows.com?

They have waterproof tattoos that look super realistic.  I just ordered



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