So I’ve had alopecia Universalis since 2007.  I’ve basically just resigned to the fact that it will be this way forever.  Then My 17 year old son got Universalis and I began a mission to try and find a local clinical trial. It’s very psychologically devastating for him.  In 2019 I did find a xeljanz trial at Northwestern and he qualified. They wanted me to join it as well but my mind kept thinking, what if my hair grew back and his didn’t.  I’d feel awful.  The Dr running the test told us flat out YOUR HAIR WILL GROW BACK and his has started to already just 2 months into the Trial so I decided to Join as well and just over 4 weeks into my trial I have hair starting to grow back all over my head, a few chest hairs, a few eyebrow hairs and arm hair.  Yes they said it would fall out once stopping but they have added us to a second phase of the study once this phase ends in a year. The 2nd phase will last 2 years, we continue getting the medication and the Dr at Northwesten believes it will be FDA approved for Alopecia by then.  Neither my son or I have had any side effects so far.  If anyone is in the Chicago area they are staring another Study next month and need participants.  If you want more info contact me.        more updates to come

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thanks for participating!

I find it interesting that they are continuing to run trials on Xeljanz when there are several other alopecia-specific JAK inhibitors in the final stages of trials

I would love more info about this trial! I'm in central Indiana is it's close enough.

I'm in the northern suburbs of Chicago. If I decided to participate, who would I contact? 



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