My name is Carl, I am 48 yrs old, I live in CT and have been living with alopecia since I was 5 yrs old.  It stared after corrective eye surgery.  It started out as AA with small spots here and there.  Over the next few years it progressed, which I received month treatments for. I wore a lot of hats throughout school but it didn't stop the bullying and teasing from other kids.  My AA got better for a while and was almost gone.  But it was the later years of high school when everything changed.  By my high school graduation my alopecia progressed to full AU.  Due to the torment and bulling I was convinced by my father that I didn't look normal unless I wore a wig.  which I have to this day.  Most days I hate wearing it especially in the summer.  I want to get rid of it but the self conscious feelings and fear of further ridicule if I go out in public without it are always there. 

I want to know if there are any support groups in CT. 

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Thank you for being so brave to post your story Carl.

I am a student from New Zealand (BTW I have alopecia)

Could I please ask you to comment for my market research, if you had a spare second.

Q2: What are the problems that you experience Carl from Wig suppliers/ retailers?
Q3: What support do you receive, Carl, from these Wig suppliers/ retailers, if any?

kind regards

Q2: mainly the price is very high and it takes 3-4 months to get one.  The wig I wear is from a company in NZ.

Q3: no support really, just when I need to purchase or repair.

Have you tried the natural and holistic route? I only suggest this route, because it has given me results. After two years of trial and error- I have my hair and health!  (Thank the Lord and the Heavens) and am now on a mission to help others too. I have posted on my IG account, (same name) with so many articles about people doing treatments, meds, and all with no results or horrible side effects that have led to other illness and issues. I wrote a book and researched so much and am please to share that my client also see results. Try going holistic. It will take time, but your body will heal from the inside out. Don’t ever expect overnight success. No pill will give you that, bu rest assured, mother nature and natural healing has no negative side effects. Wishing you all the best. for more info, pictures, testimonials, my story with pics and much more! 

Have you any proof whatsoever that your hair wouldn't have grown back without that cocktail of natural and holistic malarkey?  Heard it all before.  I haven't clicked on your site, but let me guess, you have something to sell?

If i had £1 for every claim similar to your claim that I've read over the years, I wouldn't be sat here typing this, I'd be sat on a yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean. Internet testimonials mean little too.  I can pay people to give testimonials, I can get friends and family to make testimonials.

I do apologise if this comes across as being hostile, but the author of this post is obviously still coming to terms with his/her condition and your post comes across as the usual preying on vulnerable people for your own ends. 

Edit:  Morbid curiosity got the better of me and i did click on your site. "Cure" is a very decisive word and isn't subjective whatsoever.  To claim you have a cure, you need a helluva lot more to back up your claim than some testimonials.

Hi, I understand your hostility- and don't take it personally:)

I know alopecia causes anger, distress, anxiety, more stress ....and you almost don't want to believe that someone out of 147 million worldwide who has/had alopecia has healed themself... but I have, and as I said before I help others do the same. Why go holistic and natural? Because doctors say there is no cure- only because there is no one medication or pill that someone can take to heal. But if you research where auto immunity starts and how you can heal yourself, as I did, then you have the knowledge to make changes in your diet and environment and in your overall health to regain your health and grow back your hair. As I did. I promote a natural and holistic way because really, the options in terms of shots to the head, pills , or creams  have no efficacy according to studies done in the EU. Now you can go ahead, and take meds prescribed for you by your doctor but know that there are many negative side effects on top of wasting money because they are proven not to work.

Have you done some research?  I spent the last 2 years doing it every day and continue to do so, that's why I wrote a book to help others gain an express lane to remission....Know that I come from a good place. Its not about selling, versus getting the word out and letting people know there is more options than just following doctors recommendations and their false hopes. Not to mention negative side effects like kidney and liver failure. No thank you. (I have posts on IG about young women who have endured such issues at 18 and 23)

One client I have, has had alopecia for over 15 years. She has over 8 patches all over her head. Was getting over 30 shots to her head monthly. Was prescribed arthritis meds to take. She's 25 years of age. I asked her to stop all her meds, as she was on a vicious cycle and getting no where,. After following my program through coaching, in  2 months, she already feels better and already has patches growing in. Not a coincidence. Alopecia Angel is about healing your body from the inside out. You weren't born this way= you can go back to being the YOU of before.... before Alopecia. AS I HAVE and as many of my clients. Believing you can heal is the first step.  Also, there are functional medicine doctors highlighted on my instagram that have CURED their alopecia patients and say so directly on the podcasts that I have posted.... and yes, their treatment was holistic :) Hope this helps. Wish you the best. 

I'm not the person making the claims of a cure.  I have zero to prove or to back up.  Don't turn this around to me, it's you that's came on here peddling your wares.  It's you that has posted a link claiming you can cure alopecia. 

Again and so we're clear, other than non verifiable "testimonials", what research have you got to back up your claims of having a "cure".  All I can see on your site is a lot of bluster and very expensive products.  You have ZERO credible medical research behind your claims.  So yeah, I'm not the person coming on here posting wild claims and linking to sites that stand to make me a lot of money from people who are vulnerable.  People like you are leeches.

I have cured 5 people of alopecia with a secret mixture.  See, I can make those claims too.  Means absolutely nothing.  Anyone can write anything on the internet.  Doesn't make it true.

I highly recommend that you listen to the podcasts of the following doctors. Better yet, contact them so they can help you directly. They have cured Alopecia in patients. 

Dr. Sidney M. Baker, Dr. Mark Hyman (both in USA) 

Dr. Lo Radio (podcast) is great and has a wealth of info. 

The Doctor's Farmacy podcast is wonderful as well as the Ultimate Health podcast and the Dr. Evan Brand. (same name for podcast and website) 

I've also read over 100 books in the last 2 years of going through alopecia.. I won't name them all here, but I recommend you do your own research to be better informed. 

I don't need help.  As of yet, there is no proven "cure" for alopecia.unless there is a treatable underlying cause (medication induced alopecia, fungal alopecia etc).  That's a fact and your incessant self promotion won't change that.  Almost all your posts on here have been a cut and paste that only serve to promote your site, that offers nothing more than unsubstantiated claims for a lot of money. Almost always, your arguments for revert to directing people to your books.  Why? I'll hazard a guess, it's because those books cost money and you receive a chunk of that money.  You aren't interested in helping others, you're only interested in scamming people. 

Some quack or 5 telling people your treatments work also doesn't change that fact.  I have asked you to provided research data, not bluster or links to others who make baseless claims because they too want to line their pockets.  Provide medical data that backs up your claims, that involve robust and prolonged studies highlighting why your treatment(s) work whilst almost every other treatment has only limited success or no success at all.  After all, a "cure" for alopecia would be a massive thing. No one other than yourself would have manged that as of yet. You should be able to provide it via a pdf, no books need to be purchased.  So you're wasting your time continuously promoting your magical books.

I would have assumed you being qualified to tell people your approach is a cure you'd have extensive data to back up your claims.  Data backed up from properly vetted independent medical sources.  As of yet, you have shown nothing and I suspect like every other scam company out there surrounding this condition, you will provide no such data. Stop deflecting and provide that proof please.

Hi again. 

I've read your other responses...from other posts...  I have a little background from you now, and see you are hurting severely..... From your alopecia since 25 till now, at 44 and with also your mom having it too. Admitting you haven't been the best person or husband for your wife... I respect your awareness and you. I have respected you all along throughout our interactions. 

I feel nothing but compassion for you. I can tell things have not been easy for you and its strained many of your relationships, including the one with yourself which destructively brings about this anger inside towards others.

I am happy to give you a free copy of my book. I have all my references there that you can check out... and am happy to have a call with you should you have any questions or concerns. My mission is to help others who have alopecia, and not have to go through a lengthy recovery. 

If you would like to accept my offer, send me a quick email to and you shall have it in 24 hrs so that you too can have access to healing. Its a holistic process, it will take some time, and effort, but I believe in you, and believe you can create the change you would want for better health overall. Best Regards. 

I think you're confused and mixing my history up with my present state of mind.

I accepted my alopecia a long time ago. Years ago.  It is what it is and being angry about it or fretting about it will never change that.  My story regarding my wife isn't indicative of how things are now.

However, the people you are targeting on here are unfortunately still going through that process.  When people are in that state of mind, they want to believe there is a miraculous cure. In fact, the same holds true with every in curable condition.  They are willing to try everything and anything even if that means throwing money at something that claims it's the answer they are seeking.  But you and people like you know that.

To answer your question, yes, there are support groups in CT but unfortunately I can't help much more then that. I'm also from CT (southeastern) and when I was first diagnosed I saw a specialist at UConn Health who had given me a list of support groups in CT, most of them were more in the Western part of the state (far from me) but b/c I wasn't interested I didn't keep the list. If you go to the NAAF website, there is an email or phone number you can contact for support groups in your area. I would even suggest contacting the dermatology unit at UConn Health and see if they send you the list (b/c I know they have one). I also know there is a child specialist who studies the disease at Yale and you might be able to contact them to see if they have a list as well. Good luck!

thank you

My wife is from the southeastern part of the state.  Anyway there was an online support group I used to be on but it was canceled.  most of my treatments were through Yale Dermatology.  I don't trust UCONN.




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