My aa turned to au in February. Now my fingernails are disintegrating. Has anyone had this happen and then recovered functional nails? Has anyone had any type of therapy (meds, nutrition) that helped with nails?


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Many with alopecia have trouble with their nails. Pitting is mentioned as something that is part of AA.

My nails actually peel from the underneath side - making them thin and fragile, and pull away from the nail bed. I have found that the only things that help me are keeping gel polish on them (protects with a hard coat) and taking Biotin.

Many have found that polish and polish removers make their nails worse. I have found that too much Biotin makes my nails worse - so have had to experiment to find the proper dosage.

AA and the problems that go with it and how it affects each of us is very individual.


My nails completely detached from the nail beds and the new one are growing in very fragile. 

I will experiment with biotin.

Yes that is a pretty normal side effect. Had AU for 1-1/2 years and nails were pretty bad at the start but it seems now they go through periodic spells of good and bad.

Hang in there

Thank you. 

Very welcome
Since I have had AA now for many years I have experienced nail issues all along. My nail issues have ranged from pitting to nail ridges to the nail becoming thick ang ugly. I can say for me nail issues are present mostly when I have flare ups of hair shedding. Usually the nail problems occur before the onset of the hair shedding. I don't think there is anything to be concerned about with changes in nails as I think nail problems are common for some, not all, people with AA. I bought a bottle of Vitamin E Oil at Whole Foods and rub the oil on the affected nails every night. Be generous with the vitamin E oil. It has helped me restore my nails and help them become healthier. Good luck.

Sounds worth trying. It is really effecting daily activities- tough to type, open things, etc. Not much nail left.

Thank you.

I would suggest giving it a try. It nay be well worth the $5 or less for a bottle of Vitamin E. You do have to be religious about using it daily. I believe my daily use is what helped me.

I also have trouble with my nails; they are fragile and thin. I also started treatment with Biotin, but I will only try it for a few weeks. I think the problem is due to the lack of vitamins because I take great care of my nails. Especially now, when I applied to school, I learned everything about how to do manicures. I am not yet a professional in this art and this job, but I tend to be. We will soon be practicing on other models; I wonder if you would trust me.



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