Hello to all of you who read me.
Not all have the same problem of losing our hair. This is very hard for some and others easier to accept. I am one of those who do not accept! How did you accept those? Give me advice to accept that I am trying to lose my hair. I tried .... Since I was 16 ... I started to notice a change. My hair became still differ by their texture and I always lost ... And now they are made ​​very end ... and clairseme.Je is so hard ca ... This affects my life .... j 'I wore wigs and I stopped for a moment .. 2 years ... But yesterday I had to go for a ... this time it's harder because I no longer choose to wear ... Before it was more a choice .. There's only me at this moment who knew. And it could not be. But now it is defferent. It sounds a lot ... So I is not the choice of opting for a wig. I have a lot of pain and stress to the idea of ​​starting my new job on January 3 next year. Here being a small town everyone know. The judgment of others affect me beaucoup.Moi not accept that ...
I hope to be able to continue ....

're strong!

I await your advice! ;)

Thank you!

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read the posts about loving being bald. I sadly don't feel that way. We all can cope and accept ourselves differently than others. Some feel being bald rocks. I guess if you are bald, it must b wonderful to feel that way. Just totally accepting yourself as you are. I am someone that would never go out the house without a wig or hat or something. And I always fear what people are thinking and saying about me. Why, I don't know. Who are they to judge? Who are they to comment? What if it were them? How would they feel then?

You are right Lexi. I think it is the eyes of others and what will be said in the worst obstacles. Acceptance tough ...

((HUGS)) Lexi!

ok, so I lost my hair 11 years ago and yes there are times when I wish I had hair on my head and my eyelashes most of all, but too me I have to accept it, it's not there and in my case it WILL NOT grow back. You know they say others are worse off, or it could be worse. Well it could, you could have no hair because you are going through cancer treatments, HIV, lack of food. Now that I have a son I think that him seeing mom with out hair will make him more open and understand that people are all different. I also have a daughter and can help her to understand that looks are not everything, maybe my hair loss with one day help with her self esteem. Also people really don't care if you have hair, they maybe concerned because they worry it is for a more serious reason like cancer treatments. I have always been very open and honest about my hair loss, answer questions, it's not your fault, it just happens. Be bald and beautiful! Best wishes.

Many thank you for your post katrina. Yes, people are curious and not necessarily bad. They want to know why. I have started a new job and I'm afraid to go with my wig ... I still have my hair ... but they are not like before. They are very fine ... It does cap anymore. therefore, now I am preparing mentally to put a wig to work ...

thank you! Happy celebrations |

Oh, I surely know about starting a new job. I kept wondering if I should just start the job with a wig, or not. I was afraid to start with a wig. What if it drove me crazy to wear it all day, every day. Also, it is a phone job, and I have to wear a headset. A wig and a headset...all maybe too much. Everytime I take the headset off, will I pull the wig off or out of place? And the wind. Just walking out the building, the wind would blow the wig all over the place, and then it would be a mess. Wefts would be seen. Now I have been there for a year and half, and I wonder all the time, when I start wearing a wig, if I start, what will the result be? How will I be accepted, nor not accepted? As it is, sometimes I feel people don't like me, or aren't as friendly because I feel it is my thinning hair. Maybe I just feel that way, because my self esteem is at the lowest point ever in my life.

I read you and understand you. I very afraid to start a new job with a wig. I'm not a good idea. People just like you, looking at me weird and judge me. I very afraid.

Hi there I do understand wher you both are coming from because I am ina similar situation. I live in a relatively small place. My hair is so thin that i just hate leaving the house. It takes me forever to get ready in the morning as I it takes forever to hide all my see through spots. Some days I just feel so sick that i cry, I get a hit of anxiety every morning before I leave the house to go to work... So I am at a point where I have to get a wig, I dont think that i can leave it much longer because as I type this Im sure that my hair is falling out. Today i had the courage to call up a wig store. My appointment is in two weeks time as its in another city. Wish me luck ladies. It wont be easy. But from what I have read, one we get used to it it should make our lives easier. we'll just have to learn how to secure the wigs so that they dont come off. Keep me updated on your progress and best of luck.

Which are hard in this problem is that it makes us very anxious. Our very psychological reached. The people around me are gone. For fear of what? When we only need the people around us that have become cest the most alone. I am with you to your appointment. You will c not easy. I went there last week but there was not much choice. I left without perruque.Mais jaurai no choice but to return. You're going to work with your wig? I'm afraid that much ... The eyes of colleagues and they say. For you, you ca see how to wear a wig? And you're how old? I'm 32.

Hi Anna ricci How are you doing today? What you said about being psychologically reached is spot on. Its actually so hard to believe that this can even happen to us women. Before it started happening to me I would have thought no way its a mans problem... Well I havent thought that way for a while now. I think its important yet extremely difficult to be honest with our friends and even to a point our families about this. Its sad. But its important to reach out for some support from someone. This is too difficult to be done on our own. Do you have anyone in your life that supports you?

I can imagine that the appointment wont be easy? Why did you not purchase anything? did you know what you were looking for?

Yes I will have to go to work with my wig. the sooner that I get it done with the better because i have accepted and seen that my hair wont get any better. Well actually to be honest no i havent accepted it, its just the way it is and the way it has been for so long now. Funny thing is I think ive forgotten what normal hair is like. You know i have forgotten what its like to not be shedding hair...

Yes some if not all people will talk... I am afraid of that too. I just hope that noone will have the guts to actually ask me if its a wig... Its sad and so very frightening. I hope that I will actually have the courage to do it on the day. I'm nearly 25.

What are you planning to do Anna Ricci?

I do wish you luck. Word of advise, yes, do get other people's opinions, such as the people who work in the store. However, sometimes realize they are trying to make a buck on you. Also, they have a different perception of how they think you should look, and they don't know you. Only you know what you want to look like, and how you will feel comfortable. However, my finding it that I get so excited just trying on some wigs that I like, and seeing myself with lots of hair as opposed to what I really have. That colors my judgement, and I am just like a kid in a candy store. Put on a wig that you feel that you like, and look in every mirror. If you can go outdoors with a mirror, or take a walk to maybe another store nearby and see yourself in different lights and different environments. If there are people walking around, see if they glance at you, and how it feels. Do you feel comfortable? So much to consider, because usually once you buy, it is yours. You sometimes end up with boxes of wigs that seemed fine at the time, but when you get home, you change your mind. All so complicated. Will you be looking at HH or synthetics? Do you work now? Do you go to work as you are now, and then would be wearing a wig to work? That takes courage.

Hi Lexi thank you for your advice. I am so afraid of buying a wig and not wearing it thats why I am trying to do my research but I guess at the end of the day I have chosen to go to a relatively reputable company so if they dont have what i am looking for i am afraid that noone will.

And they will probably tell me that the wig looks good, like you said its easy to get excited about something that looks good but if its not me for example if the hair is too thick and unlike my current natural hair then whats the point? I am not trying to advertise that i am wearing a wig, I would like to just hide my misfortune situation on my head.

I am hoping for the best though I know that the reality is a little frightening. Fake hair is after all fake hair.

Im looking for HH, lace front. Maybe not even a full wig, maybe just a hair piece. But to be honest if i do decide to get a full wig I will go all out and get them to shave my head and just stick it on my head.

I am so very tired of seeing this mess on my head.

So my situation is I have just started a new position in teh same company that I have worked in for the last year. Its a large company. I will go there with the wig... ideally I would have liked to have changed jobs and cities and then my look but I am not in a position to do that. And I feel like i am running out of options.

What is your situation like Lexi? How are you dealing with your hair loss?

Seriously, thank you very much for your support.



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