Hey everyone! I've had alopecia for about 10 years and have tried every thing... literally everything. I've done laser, creams, injections, shampoos, but nothing really seemed to help me. My hair fell out almost like the seasons my dad always says. The spring and summer my hair always grew in and in the winter and fall alot of my hair fell out. So, I've been using squaric acid. The acid isn't FDA approved yet, but me and my dermotolgist said its worth a shot. So between 4-5 months mostly all of my hair came back completely. My hair was all back in the summer of last year. The acid is almost like a poison ivy reaction, it basically lies to the white blood cells and gets them to move away from the hair follicule and lets the hair grow. I had alopecia areata to begin with i wasnt completely bald. I was still able to cover my hair before the acid. My hair then began to fall out agian after the summer so im on the acid agian and my hair is growing back. I really recommened this treatment if you havent tried it. If you have any questions ... let me know! :)

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Where do you get this product? You said it mimics a poison ivy reaction, do you get the physical reactions (itchy red patches)? Do you take it orally?

Your dermatologist has to give u a prescription and the pharmacy makes it ... Very few pharmacies do so they deliver it ... I get mine from Brooklyn. So what happens is the doctor puts a small Dan on ur upper arm so it can get the body used to it. Then within a week or so you'll start applying the acid to your bald spots. It doesn't get the hair oily or anything I usually apply mine after I showered and blow dried my hair. The scalp gets a little itchy and red an your lymph nodes my get inflamed but that's normal. The reaction isn't too bad ... I started with an ear pick and slowly did it 4x a week because it does get a little annoying but now I use a cotton ball and apply it almost every night. It worked for me I had all my hair back last year in the summer and now it's growing back ... How is your hair?

Hi Sara,

It seems a hope for us. Do you know the name of the active ingredient?? To order it in a pharmacy, or talk with my doctor about it??

Thanks in a advance


Hi Ricardo; if you ask your dermatologist about squaric acid they should know about it. Im not sure what the active ingredient is but i know the pharmacy makes it.

Thanks Sara

Best Regards,

I have an appointment with my derm on Monday for my injections. I will bring this up and see what they say about it. maybe it will work for me but the lymph node thing makes me nervous. I also heard that rubbing Emu oil and Coconut oil on the spots help too. Every hear of that or try it yourself?

No the lymph nodes aren't bad ... You shouldn't worry about that it just means the acid is working ... And not
I haven't tried it but I will soon! After a while of using it ur lymph nodes won't be inflamed anymore. I wish u the best of luck!

thank you! I just want to try it all because I am so desperate for my hair to grow back. I am sick of feeling the cool breeze of the air on the back of my head when the wind blows a certain way :-( I know it will grow back, just impatient so Im willing to try anything!

This treatment sounds like it has the same reaction as anthrallin cream, an irritating, itchy, and slightly burning sensation. The cream causes discoloration and flaking, and didn't work for me, but I've been told it has worked for milder cases. Have you tried this, or did your doctor give it as an option? It may be a more available option for someone looking for something new to try.


Are you in NYC. You mentioned Brooklyn. I havent been to a derm in ages. I have had this for close to 30 years now. I dont think it would grow back but I would prefer to go to a derm that works with this.

Thank you so much,

No I'm in nj. The doctor I had was really great doctor who had alopecia herself unfortunately she moved out west. But I'm going to look for another dermatologist who deals with this
Yes I have tried anthralin and like u said it doesn't work it's mostly or milder cases. I have tried literally everything spent thousands of dollars on rays medications etc. the acid is much more stronger then the anthralin. It had more if an effect



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