Hi all,

Im looking for a bit of advice as to what to ask my doctor.

I finally got a doctor's appointment (I'm living in Germany) and now that Olumiant is available on prescription here I'm ready to give it a try.

I have been struggling with alopecia all my life off and on and currently I'm pretty much hairless all over including eyebrows and lashes.

Apart from the alopecia I am healthy but have some arthritis here and there.

As most doctor's that I have seen over the years have basically no idea about this condition and that German isn't my first language would anyone know what to ask for so that I come away with a prescription? 

Any advice would be helpful as I am not really good at communication when it comes to explaining my condition. 

Thanks in advance.

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I am so sorry to hear this, Babahanti. You are an ex-smoker of 10 years? Good for you, but what does being a smoker in the past have to do with all this. Also age 55 is hardly old these days. However, I think at age 55, you are old enough to know what risks you wish to take with your health and which risks you do not wish to take. All you need to know from this doctor is ALL the facts and risks. Then, the decision is yours. Perhaps you should try to find another doctor.

Yes, great points  above and I echo what SabineTawni said. Maybe a second opinion /another dr be better. That's hard and I hope doing alright. Know what like to wait while for good doctor etc and to get a bad one.

I have been on Xeljanz for 9 years and now have to switch to Olumiant due to the new FDA approval.  Only the 2 mgs was approved for alopecia.  I was wondering if anyone has had success with this dose.

hello i used olumiant 4mg for 6 months is less effective than xeljanz.

today i am on abrocitinib from pfizer 100mg much better.

pfizer has announced that their drug ritlecitinib jak 3 tyk2 is approved for alopecia the FDA has given its approval it will be marketed in the coming weeks it is used only for alopecia

Good information, Kevin. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Good information, Kevin. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Kevin, Forgot to add, please keep us updated on anything else you hear about this new product.



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