My 14 year old daughter wants to shave her head because she finds it more depressing and causing her anxiety every time she washes her hair or combs it and see how much she loses.  I am inquiring of head covering options  anyone has - hats, scarves? Any suggestions

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Just a thought, as a mom I think you should follow with what your daughter requests. I know how it is to watch  a daughter lose their hair slowly, it is gut wrenching. If you live in a cold climate you might want to remind her she will be very cold. You might want to suggest a trip to a local wig shop to introduce her to that option. You should ask her to talk to her friends to see what their suggestions are. Support from moms is great but she is going to need it from her peers as well. If at all possible introduce her to human hair wigs if that is an option. Listen closely to your daughters requests and emotions. Wishing you the best.

Excellent advice. I do love hats and hats wigs but I need neck scarves for warmth when it is chilly. 

Look up crown couture on Etsy ! She makes amazing wigs at a affordable price! She has silicone gripper wigs  for amazing price ! I couldn't be happier with her wigs . Your daughter will love them . 


Hi Angelica

do you shave the hair or have no hair at all to be able to have those Crown CC wigs to stay put? 
I had one of hers in my hands and they are beautiful but I am used to taping my units and silicone cannot be taped.

feel free to friend me as I would love to share experience

You do not need to glue or tape but I do find that a little spray on front forehead makes it blend more seamless and feel extra put 

Lots of options out there - hard to suggest specifics without knowing the type of stuff/aesthetics she's into, but on etsy I imagine it's possible to find ordinary scarfs with prints she's into as they have all sorts on there. With practice, she could tie these as head-wraps. It's also worth remembering that bald can be liberating if it provides relief from constant hair-loss checking, and perhaps reminding her that bald can still be beautiful, and feminine (if she wishes it to be). 

I didn’t develop alopecia total is until well into my sixties. After that, it became AU. I tried wigs and hated them. I have been having lots of fun with hats. I do understand that it is much more difficult for younger people. I also have two granddaughters. The youngest wanted to buzz her hair off a year ago. She wanted to “look like  Grammie “.   Now both granddaughters have buzzed their hair short. We all like feeling unique. I love hats.  There are so many cute styles. Take her shopping for hats encourage her sense of uniqueness 

I shaved my head for those same reasons. I have found comfort in getting my head covered with Henna tattoos...Now when people stare at me, its funny, everyone always loves the designs. You can find Henna shops all over some are even in the tattoo shops!

I would say No, but that's me.. that's the thing I dread the most.. so sad I know. I don't give advice when it comes to children as I don't have any. I am grateful at this time I didn't have any due to my autoimmune disorder, but that will probably the only thing I will regret on my death bed. Hope whatever you both decide works out for you.

So, when it comes to rocking a shaved head, you've got plenty of options! You can go for that sleek, polished look that screams confidence, or you can mix it up with different styles and lengths. It's all about finding what works for you and owning it!

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