I'm Alina, and I have been dealing with AA most of my life, but the most recent round started last may. I have been getting cortisone shots every six weeks, and I am experiencing hair regrowth. However, the hair around the spot still comes out easily and the spot is still growing. My question is, do the shots help you retain your existing hair in the spot where the injections are administered, or does it just help regrow hair?

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This is exactly what my hair is doing right now. Treatment worked initially but now I think the inflamation is too deep. The area around the regrowth that is now falling out is very red/irritated/itchy. The area also seems to be indented, which my derm said was due to the cortisone shots, which I have also heard. However in the second spot I noticed, before I even got the shots my scalp had indented. Weird.

Have you thought about a different dermatologist? The first one I went to didin't really know what he was doing and it caused severe inflammation. However, the second dermatologist I saw has been very competent and specializes in alopecia treatment. Good luck! Keep me updated with how the treatment is going!


Thanks for your response. I've seen a few derms but they have all been from the same clinic. While they do their best sometimes I feel it is obvious they do not know even as much as I do about AA. While I'm not a doc I have read enough personal stories on here to know they aren't experts. I hate to be personal but I noticed we are from the same city. Are there any derms/clinics you have had some luck with?

Yes! I go to NW Dermatology in Nob Hill Area. They are fantastic. If you decide to go there, send in your medical records beforehand, then you won't have to wait for months to get an appointment. Here is their website www.pdxskinandhair.com.


Thank you! That is actually perfect as I live and work in that area. I will look in to it.



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