I'm experiencing unprecedented regrowth, and want to hear about your similar experiences. I have had AU for almost 4 years now, first onset being in my mid-thirties. Possibly there was a link between my stressful job and the hair loss -- I've been away from that situation now for almost a full 3 years. I've been using turmeric (golden paste - supposedly good for anti-inflammation) in the past few months and that's all I've been doing differently than normal. I have tried about everything for varying periods of time over the last few years!

I now have patches of thick, dark hair coming in all over my head, (not connected...yet?) and I'm growing eyelashes and a bit of body hair here and there. I know from reading, not to be too optimistic or get attached, as it comes and goes. But this is something I haven't seen before, and it's all coming in at once. 

What are your experiences with regrowth and AU? 

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Congratulations! You have been using tumeric how? Eating it as part of your diet? Or spreading it on your scalp? It sounds like you might be in natural remission and if so, that's wonderful! Very happy for you and hope it continues.

Thanks! I've been eating it, not using it topically although that's not a bad idea either ;) A friend told me about the turmeric recipe for golden paste -- she uses for another auto-immune skin condition. It's been working well for her. Here's an article with recipe and some research related to other conditions. http://deeprootsathome.com/how-to-make-use-turmeric-golden-paste/

I have no idea if it's responsible for the remission, but it can't hurt! Good luck to you too!

Molly my son has AU and I am all about home remedies since he is only 5...could you tell me how exactly you use the tumeric I'm interested in trying it on him...do you eat by itself? Just use as seasoning? Mix with water? In willing to try anything.

Hi, I'm using the recipe for golden paste here: http://deeprootsathome.com/how-to-make-use-turmeric-golden-paste/

It's recommended to start with a very small dose of the paste, like a quarter teaspoon a couple times a day.

I put it in my coffee, but for a 5 year old you may be able to put some in a fruit smoothie and mask the taste a bit more. Best of luck :)

Thank you so much i really appreciate it...he is barely going to start school in August and I am very stresses about the other kids reaction to him...nobody in the town I live in has this or has even heard of it...good luck 38th your regrowth!❤


my son started Kindergarten in 2015 with about 50% of his hair, and is currently pretty much AT. He had previously been in a daycare center and was very comfortable with interacting with other children. He is aware of his condition but not at all concerned with his hair or treatments. He does not wear a hat indoors at school or do anything else to conceal his condition. 

To the best of my knowledge (I ask his teachers and caregivers regularly, and him periodically) no one has even mentioned his hair. He has made a good group of friends and seems to get along with everyone in his class, and even older children in the school. 

I think kids, especially young kids, are a lot more accepting of appearances that are out of the norm. It may also help that my school is very diverse, there are people of all races and cultures interacting with each other. No other alopecieans that I've noticed though.

We are currently trying a Narrowband UVB treatment, but should we not get good results from it we may just have him shave it clean until such time that better treatments are available (xeljanz, etc) which will probably be when he is at a more sensitive age. 

The point of my post is this, I guess. Don't worry about your kid's acceptance and he won't worry about it either.

Hi Chris 

When I was about 9 years old I did similar sounding UVB treatment that was called PUVA. A clear solution was applied to my head and I sat under a strong UV light that looked like a big hair dryer you would see at a hairdressers. I had the treatment 3 times a week and within 2 months all my hair was re-grown. Sadly it didnt last long. About 3 months later the hair began the usual series of patches and I was back to 60-70% AA again. When I was 12 I got it done again and it regrew all my hair again but same result 3 months later it fell out. PUVA is a very effective treatment for me. The docs said it is not a long term treatment because of the health implications involved in the UV light. Maybe they have fixed the health issues now as it was 30 years ago I got the treatment in Dublin Ireland 

UVB is said to have all of the benefits of the old PUVA treatment without the melanoma risks. I guess we'll see! (we'll see about results, not skin cancer!)

Hi! I am a school counselor at an elementary school. I started the year completely "healthy/normal" and started to lose my hair in January and was bald by February. The kids are AMAZING. Like chris_s said, most of them don't even say anything. Kids are amazing :-) I would also suggest, if they do ask, just to be honest. They are way more accepting than you can imagine. Their main question when I told them in class was making sure it didn't hurt me. :-) 

Thank you...I am just concerned because the kids in my hometown are mean...they bullied a kid because his mom passed away.
Hi Molly. I am curious how your growth is coming along with turmeric. I know you've been on it for quite some time. I hope it is going well!

I've got kind of a mohawk now, it's still not filled in on the sides but it seems to be reaching toward the hairline more and more. It's been about 6 months now, and I've not been taking the turmeric regularly as I was in the beginning. Maybe it triggered a response that is lasting, I don't know but I'll take it :) 




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