Please help. The PU (silicone) base on my follea wig turned white and something strange happened to it, it changed shape, bubbles started appearing. I have not used any other products on it but it gradually turned white- like it was reacting to my skin. This ONLY happend in the front. I wrote to follea but they replyed:

“Usually when we see bubbling and white on the silicone it is caused by chemical reaction. Has the piece ever been colored? If no, does she have any medications she takes or puts on her skin? Feasibly sweat over a long period of time could cause this if it built up as it contains small amounts of sodium and ammonia. But it would take a lot of sweat not being washed out properly. It is unlikely it would have occurred by oxidization alone, though high heat could cause that (either hot styling tools or being in a hot, sunny climate daily).”

The answer did not help me. I would never colour a 2000 eur virgin hair peace...I do not use any medication for my alopecia. I do sweat, but very rarely, since I work in climatized area and have AC at home. I wash the wig once a month with Kerastase and a take proper care of the wig.

So in the end, i still do not know what caused it.

So my question is- do anyone have similar experiance??? I'm getting married and i would like to buy another one(the hair quality is amaizing) for my wedding but I'm worrieed about the silicone.- the change in it is causing the wig to be unstable :( I would like to hear from wig wearers not from reps, if you know the cause or the sollution. I have the wig pro 1,5 years now.

Thank you.

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I understand that you would like feedback from wearers of Follea 'Grippers', but I feel the best thing for you to do is contact Follea and see what they can do for you. Something has gone wrong here.

Good luck with everything.


I will have had mine for one year in August, I have not noticed anything like this with mine, I think the silicone on mine yellowed a bit but nothing like what your looks like, the fact that it is just in the front is odd, but could it be from a lotion or cosmetic your using on your face? I would make sense to me, because it is only in the front, maybe even a sunscreen of some kind that you put on your face. The other suggestion I would have is to contact whomever or where you purchased it, I bought mine from a salon but there is a rep in my area that I found out about after I purchased, they may be able to help, writting to them was a good Idea, but I think they need to see it and speak with you face to face. Please post on here if you find out what is up with it. Hope some others chime in here that may know. So sorry this has happened.

Well it is OK. I knew the life of the wig would be around 2-3 years. I will call them (I bought it directly from Follea) and ask them if they can replace the silicone with new one. I do not use any cosmetic products, except foundation around the nose and fake eyelashes and eyebrows. Maybe it is just my skin, maybe it has too much acid or something :(


Do you think it might be more to do with how often you are cleaning/washing your wig. You have said that you wash your wig approximately once a month. That would cause a fair bit of build up of oils, perspiration, etc. on the silicone strip, your fabric cap and hair. I would think it may be better to wash your wig a little more often. I'm not sure what Follea recommend with their 'Grippers', but once a months doesn't seem like quite enough, but I could be wrong.

The silicone I understand, in the wigs my daughter wears recommends daily washing of the silicone cap and weekly washing and conditioning of the hair, but maybe your Follea Gripper has different criteria because of the combination of silicone and fabric and the cap construction (handtied/wefts).

Ring Follea and ask as they should be able to help.

In Follea's reply to your initial enquiry they stated this....
But it would take a lot of sweat not being washed out properly.

Hope this helps.


I am interested in the brand your daughter wears. I wear a Gripper and I too am not totally satisfied with the silicone. Mine turns yellow... And I have not gotten good answers from Follea. Thanks.


Did you get an answer on this Follea Gripper???


No...they didn't reply...

Where do you live? I would suggest trying to contact a sales rep directly; if you're in the states, go to Peggy Knight's website (or even her directly) and see if one of them can assist. I'm not sure who the sales reps are for outside the US- but i've seen quite a few from the UK in my search about the follea products. hope you get this resolved! I'm looking at buying one of the follea grippers myself- I'm just having issues getting a rep to respond.
good luck!

I live in Slovenia, I deal directly with Follea...The nearest is in Germany, Munich, at least five hour drive away. The Follea hair is perfect, mine is still like "new". But the silicone is another story. Now its falling appart :( Hope my regrowth goes well, so maybe I won't need another expensive wig :)



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