Hi, I have been following the exciting new treatments closely in hopes that my daughter would benefit from them in the near future. Meanwhile she has started growing hair. It started with a few patches, which was nothing to get excited about because this has happened before but, it has continued over the last 9 months. She now has about 60% of her hair back, eyelashes and eyebrows are filling in. She went to her derm and was asked what she is doing and when she said nothing the Dr. just shook her head and crossed her fingers. My daughter is trying to ignore the growth because she does not want to be disappointed but it is so encouraging. She still has a large bald spot in front which will keep her in wigs for a while. She has coped so well with this disease but I just wanted to share that there is still hope for spontaneous remission.

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Hi Karen. When I was a 4 year old boy I went AU. My hair regrew at about age 6 or 7. I had a bald spot when I was 11 and then I went into remission for nearly 34 years! So, this crazy disease has no rhyme or reason. Sadly at age 45 I went AU again, hair regrew at 47 went AU at 48 to present. So, I am very hopeful that your beautiful daughter enjoys a nice long remission and if and when she loses her hair again, by that time treatment is available. I will say a prayer for her. Good luck.

I am sorry that you are dealing with this again and agree that treatment is on the horizon in the next few years. Thank you for the encouraging words.

Hi Karen

This is such lovely news for you and your daughter.  I understand how you both might be feeling...it is great but in your mind you know it may not last forever.  

When this happens to my daughter (she has had spontaneous remission - 6 times), I always try to live in the moment.  When the eyelashes and brows arrive back it's pretty wonderful (not so great when they go again), but in your and your daughters case that may not happen.  

On a slightly different subject ...lately there have been a few ladies asking about lace wigs and where to get them.  I know that you really like the ones your daughter has got.  Could you pass on to me what the name of the factory is and any information around who people should contact.  Thanks.  


Hi, I use QD beauty and talk to a lady named Emily. They do a good job. They cost about $100 more than the other sites but the hair is nicer quality. I do not know what to make of this remission but I am happy she is growing hair and hopeful for a remission.

Thanks Karen...:)


I just wanted to say Hair Direct, the online site, has great, affordable full-lace pieces!

Hi Aimee

Eyelashes are pretty fabby....hope they stay put forever. 


Thank you. They still have gaps but are filling in.

I hope it comes back for you also but eyelashes are a blessing. I think that was one of the most difficult losses to deal with.

Hi, I just want to update on the regrowth. It is continuing. All of her eyelashes and eyebrows are back. Her body hair is coming back. She still has two bald spots in front so it is easier for her to keep wearing wigs but they have patches of hair in them also. She is definitely guarded because she knows it can fall out again. No treatments or changes in her diet, this is just spontaneous growth.

I have everything crossed that the regrowth remains for both of you.



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