Many people say that stress causes alopecia and that when you get rid of all the stress, your hair starts to grow back. Is that true? My alopecia was triggered by stress but in the summer, if I start to decrease the amount of anxiety in my life, will my hair grow back? Thanks!

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My hair loss first started as stress related 2 years ago. then in Nov. 2016 all of my hair on head fell out and I had to start wearing wig. I was doing this acid type treatment and it was growing back a little then all of a sudden in Feb. 2017 all of my body hair fell out. My Dr. calls this alopecia universalis! I have tried anything and everything and now the acid treatment has stopped working. I am on a list to see specialist in Sept. at Cleveland Clinic. My Dr. here in Memphis has basically given up on me!!

Xeljanz is what u need

I have Universalis as well, honestly the treatments don't work. I tried everything when it first happened to me five years ago but it was all just a waste of money and the treatments came with side effects of there own (Couldn't sleep, my period stopped for over a year, weight gain and many more). I have stopped treatments and are seeing more results than i did when i was on them.

It's different for everyone.  Stress doesn't always cause alopecia and it doesn't cause all kinds of alopecia. Everyone's body is different.  Alopecia areata is waxes and wanes -- it comes and goes and there's no solid predictability to it, no matter whether you live a stress-free life.  Androgenic alopecia doesn't tend toward regrowth.  Decreasing stress and anxiety is generally a good thing for your overall health, but it's not always possible to just cut out everything that's stressful.  

Stacie is right. As strange as it is there are some good types of stress.

For me I had an abusive boyfriend, the stress from the relationship made me lose all my hair. I was nineteen when it happened and now at the age of twenty-three, my hair is ever so slowly coming back. I know have eye brows and lashes, annoying having to shave again and small patches on my head. I have de-stressed my life but it still has taken five years to see any progress. Everyone is different, perhaps your development will be quicker then mine. I have found that the moment I stopped looking for a cure or started talking about it to new people i met (Something that i used to be uncomfortable with) and started to except myself, i started also seeing more development.

I started to lose hair and became depressed. I have this genetic and it’s hard for me to accept myself bald. No luck, such is life. To relieve stress, I found a website where I found very good products for relaxation. Here is this site blue hawaiian strain blue hawaiian strian. Here is this site. In any hopeless situation there is a way out. Good luck.

Hi everyone

How's your situations now? Any updates to your conditions if you are still reading this forum? 

I am new to this forum so I don't know its nature but maybe if you got rid of the problem you leave and move on and never come back to update your status so all we hear is no one found the solution... is this the case??

Anyway, I wanted to make a new posting asking people if there are anyone who still believe stress causes our alopecia? Then I found this post so I instead posting this question here.

I don't think universailis are caused by stress at all. I think it is auto-immune disease and no one found the causes or cure. If it heals it heals it self somehow - sorry, that's my understanding.

My issue is ohiasis and I wonder if stress has nothing to do with it too....

Although..., I DID have stress related hair loss, it was a diffusion. Thinning. To the post I lost almost all of the hair I was wearing a wig in the past, that was 2008-2010. There was a stresser I could pin point exactly who and what event. After I got rid of the stresser all my hair grew back.

Then in 2013 I went under a difficult surgery and my body received enormous stress for 11 days. 3 months later, small area of my front hair diffused but they grew back quite quickly.

So to me, if I receive stress my hair diffuses. But never for ohiasis as I lived stress-free life since my ohiasis started in 2014.

However..., my ohiasis got a lot worse in the last one month. I lost so much hair when I washed my hair. It stopped in the month now. But 3 months ago I had hormone injections for IVF and I think it caused the severe hair loss this time.

So I am hoping.... to get some hair back to the level of last year at least.

I am not optimistic as to wish my ohiasis will heal completely. After several years of dealing with hair loss, you give up. Sometimes, they grow back doing nothing sometime it gets worse doing nothing. I think it is not controllable, though doctors say if we do nothing it will be too late!

Does anyone believe that? That it will be too late if we do nothing?? Well.., that fear-mongering surely worked for me this time that I started laser treatment + minoxidil. Because I want to get the amount of hair I lost over the past one month at least....Indeed that is why there are so many snake oils out there, innit!

Hi TG,

My first spot was caused by stress when I was 25. It grew back quickly and I forgot about AA. Fast forward 14 years and I got a few spots here and there. Then it rapidly progressed to ophiasis and within a few months to AU. 

Xeljanz helped to get my hair back. 

While reducing stress and anxiety in your life can have many overall health benefits, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether your hair will grow back as a result. Some people may find that their hair starts to grow back once they manage and reduce stress, while others may not see significant changes in their hair growth despite reducing stress levels. It's important to note that hair growth is a complex process influenced by multiple factors, and individual responses can vary.

In addition to stress reduction, taking care of your overall health, including maintaining a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and managing any underlying medical conditions, may also be beneficial for hair health. A healthcare professional from will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

There is a lack of evidence to support the notion that stress is the primary cause of universailis. The condition in question is believed to be an autoimmune illness, for which the underlying causes and potential remedies have yet to be identified. The phenomenon of self-healing occurs in instances when an organism or system has the inherent ability to repair itself without external intervention. This knowledge, albeit limited, suggests that the healing backrooms game process is self-initiated and self-sustained.

I feel I lose much hair in periods I'm stressed and get hair back when I don't stress so much, but I regardless it seems like I've just lost more and more hair the last years. I think I've came to a point I don't get more hair then I've lost. I haven't been at the hairdresser for a year now and my bangs is still short. Hopefully I can reduse my stress level in the closest future, but if it don't help to get the hair back, I just smoth shaving my head with a razor. It's sad to get rid of my loved hair, but it's waste of time to go to hairdresser when the hair are falling off and regrow so slow.



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