Teen With Alopecia Had Her Mom Paint Her Bald Head For Her Senior Photo Shoot

"Madisyn Babcock was diagnosed with alopecia areata earlier this year and soon after, her hair began falling out. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes hair to fall out in small, random patches. But Babcock decided to spread awareness about the disease by putting her bald head on display in a photo shoot."

"Not only did she bravely stand in front of the camera without any hair for her high school senior photo shoot, but she also had her artist mother paint flowers on her scalp to draw even more attention to her head—making a bold and beautiful statement."

You can read more and see more of the photos here.

I think it is beautiful.  What do you think?

Source:  Simplemost.com

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Madisyn! Congratulations on your graduation! You are such a brave, beautiful young lady. Having this crazy disease is no fun, and having people close to you support you and understand is key. I am an artist and would LOVE to connect with people in my area to do the same that your mom did for you, design that beautiful head! I have Lichen Planopiliras - which is a form of Alopecia. LP for me, effects my scalp, it attacks the hair follicles, kills them and the hair falls out. No chance ever of that hair growing back. It begins with an extremely annoying itchy, red & white rash, ugh. This disease did not hit me until my early 50's, and 4-5 years later I am still at a loss about it all. I support you, I commend you and I am so proud of you facing this head on. :D

you are so beautiful and strong.  that is the way to be and i wish i had your strength.  keep strong.  whether your hair comes back or not, you rock the flower power!  all the best!

Wow.......you look gorgeous.    What a brave and amazing thing to do!


I too have Alopecia, the scarring type, and now wear some lovely wigs.   I would be lost without them!

All the best for your future life and career....keep strong! X 

hi aileen... i too have scaring alopecia.  Have had for about 5 yrs.  i just turned 60...omg!  and know that i got it due to chronic stress that lasted for about a year or more.  it only showed up probably 2 years after the stress started, which of course then more stress in losing my hair.  anyway, we learn to deal with it but always feel that maybe with some luck it will grow back.  haven't started wearing wigs or pieces yet... delaying as long as possible.  i can cover it up with that beautiful powder and hair placement but the time is coming.  this is like a slow death but trying to stay strong, thats what we have to do until there is a miracle that happens.  you look wonderful Aileen and the wig you are wearing looks so natural.  that's my problem, i have tried on several, purchased a topper but just feel it doesn't look or feel like me.    one day at a time and some better than others.  all the best.

Hi Diane.    Thanks for replying.    I believe that my Alopecia started after a stressful time in my life too.     I was the daughter who had to make the decision to place my elderly mum in a care home.....hardest decision of my life!      I had a biopsy which gave me the diagnosis of scarring Alopecia.   I too was able to hide the bald spots for some time but over the last 18 months that has become impossible.      I always had poor quality hair anyway so my wigs have given me a more stylish appearance!       Some moments still when I curse this condition but mostly I just get on with it.   It’s not life threatening after all.   Family and friends have been very supportive especially my husband and sisters.   I don’t have to wear a hat in winter!   Hope that you can be spared wig wearing but really it’s not that bad.

thanks for responding Aileen.   It's comforting to be able to talk to someone who knows exactly what im going through.  i am still hiding this.  only my husband and children, 1 sister and a close friend know about this.  i just keep it a secret although maybe people do see that i look a bit different i guess, somewhat tired sometimes.  i don't want to tell anyone since i feel that once someone knows they will just be staring at my head.  how paranoid.   I would love to just put on a wig but those that i have tried on just dont fit great.  the hair line is wrong... i always find something wrong.  my problem is that i never did anything with my hair

always long and straight with bangs.  still have this way although a bit shorter.i feel that i can't where anything different as they don't suit me.  otherwise i would probably have an assortment and play with them as i've seen other woman do.  anyway, so many problems.  have to move on and stop being so picky.   do you think you may have something wrong with your thyroid?  i have thyroid nodules but haven't been diagnosed with hypo or hyperthyroid since one of the symptoms is hair loss.  i think this also could be te problem with my hair loss.  who knows??

you're right.  it's not life threatening, so we should be greatful.  which i am.

Hi Diane.   Great to hear from you again!      Where do you live?     I live in Scotland UK.    I’m 66, married and with 2 grown up sons who are happily married.   I have 4 grandchildren.....well  nearly, as one is due in 4 weeks!    

The desicion for me to wear a wig was taken out of my hands as my baldness progressed.    As I’ve said I have scarring Alopecia with frontal fibrosing, so my hairline is receding also.    I have a small amount of hair which I wash daily with baby shampoo.       I have a prescription from my consultant dermatologist and so I receive a new wig free of charge every 3 months.      Maybe I was lucky but I found a style that I liked early on and I get this one,but sometimes in different shades! I wish you well Diane.   It’s not easy, especially in the beginning but wig wearing has transformed my life.    I had my thyroid checked but it wasn’t that. Kind regards.

hello Aileen...and so nice to hear from you again also..  I live in Canada, close to Niagara Falls & Toronto ont.  I just turned 60 last month have have 2 children both living in Toronto.  Our daughter just got married last year, she is now 30, but no grandchildren yet.  A son that is 24 years old and single.  Looking forward one day to hopefully have grandchildren.  Time will tell.  Congrats to you on the new little one on the way.  That is so exciting.   

How nice that you are able to get a new wig free every 3 months.  What brand/type do you have.  is it real or synthetic? do you have a preference.  I have seen synthetic that are just so real looking anyway with huge price differences.   Is it comfortable for you. I have a couple synthetic inexpensive ones that seem to be uncomfortable, but i guess it does take some getting use to.   HOw would i know, i haven't been able to actually wear one out yet.  my husband keeps pushing me to bring them when we are on holidays (which will be in a couple weeks) and maybe i would be more comfortable with no one I know around that may make me feel self conscious.  We'll see, i'm still thinking about it.

I did not take any presciptions that i got from my dermatologist.  only went the natural way by changing diet, cutting out certain foods that i presently have an intolerance too, which i never had before my "chronic stress" period.  i could eat anything without ever having any issues.  mostly it's gluten that does cause alot of bloating for me, but i also stay away from dairy and eggs, although i don't believe they cause me anything major.  I did mention in another post that I purchased a book a couple months ago from the medical medium, anthony william.  Very intersting stuff and the title is thyroid healing.  he does refer to the epstein barr virus that causes so many health issues.  so it's not just for thyroid problems.  worth reading about it online or get the book which is in more detail.   anyway, i think that my hair loss has slowed considerably with my diet change and also following the med medium protocol.  and i do still think that maybe we can regrow part of the lost hair.... we just have to balance our bodies and find the right trigger, or stop that trigger.  here's hoping.  All the best, keep in touch!

Hi Diana,   Aileen here again.

My husband and I had a wonderful holiday in Toronto and at Niagara Falls about 8 years ago.   We both loved it.

Yes, I’m very lucky as the National Health Service in the UK is free and so are all my wigs.   The wigs I get are synthetic though I could choose a real hair wig if I wanted, but the assistant in the wig shop didn’t recommend them as they are more difficult to care for.    

I wash mine in a detergent meant for silk garments and delicates and then add a touch of softener, like a conditioner.    I then dry it in a towel and finally I put it on a polystyrene head and comb it through .   I leave it to dry naturally near a radiator in the winter.   

I do get lots of positive comments from family and friends.....some are most complementary!!    

But I did find it difficult at first to accept that I needed a wig and when I got the scarring Alopecia diagnosis I was devastated.    The biopsy proved to me that my hair follicles are dead.     But, like you I sought ways to stop any more loss.    I had irritable bowel syndrome and was convinced that it was connected.      I discovered that I have an intolerance to potatoes ( and I love potatoes) and after eliminating them my symptoms have disappeared.     So we’ll wait and see!

If you want to chat some more my email address is


best wishes


hi aileen...  thanks for advising me of your email address.  i just tried to send you an email but got an error message, so not sure what is wrong.  i will get my husband to check to see what i may have to change and send it then, hopefully.  Diana

hello aileen... i haven't been on a.w. for a while.  i just got an email due from someone on a.w and started to read some of these comments again.  hoping you are doing well.  i wanted to mention that i am now following medicalmedium.com and i am 100% believing in him and i have 3 of his books presently.  he has youtube videos that you can listen to and listen to several people that have cured themselves.  it's not just about alopecia... but about chronic illness/autoimmunity etc.etc.  i am sure it is helping me.  something to look into and very time consuming but very much worth it.  

I am 64 and have had AA for 25 years.  My hair was always, as you say, "poor quality", too, and I struggled with it.  Wearing wigs isn't so bad....it oftentimes takes a few "tries" to find out what is "right" for you.  People will actually "stare" more at your bald spots/thinning hair than they will a great fitting wig -- and you must have at least 3 o4 or more of the style you like to wear, so they last longer. 



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