Hi guys!

How do you make your doctor to run all the tests for you? Just to know for sure what has triggered alopecia (if smth besides stress)? Mu dermatologists said "it's stress" and suggested steroid injections. 

That is my 3rd time losing about 80-90% of my hair. First time was puberty period, 2nd time I gave birth and my thyroid failed. So I'm pretty sure smth's off this time too. 

What doctor are you going to?

Thank you

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In a sense alopecia is caused by anxiety because anxiety causes not only increased cortisol which affects the adrenals etc, it also effects your gut to be anxious and I believe that alopecia is caused by a gut imbalance . When we are stressed an excess of unhealthy pathogens adversely affects the gut and this creates leaky gut/ auto immune response. People with alopecia usually experience chronic stress - after all, our thought patterns created how our bodies work . 

As a Nutritional Counselor and Mother, I was extremely alarmed when my 35 year old son started to lose his hair in round circles!!!  The first thing I ask him to do was a hair analysis with Doctors Data.  When that test came back, we saw that he had high levels of Mercury and a little lower of Aluminum.  He confessed to eating a lot of tuna, salmon and sushi over the past 10 years.  Sometimes he ate 5 cans of tuna a week!!!  He is physically fit as a Certified Arborist climbing and cutting trees down on a daily basis.  He noticed his energy level going down and had somewhat of an anxiety episode one day.  I immediately started him on a body detox---supplements, water, and diet.  He started to look at any and all chemicals that he comes in contact with on a daily basis.  The next test we did was a complete CBC and Thyroid Profile thru Walk-In Lab.  The CBC showed some B-12 anemia but nothing else was out of the reference range. The thyroid test did not show anything significant.  All of these tests are available on the internet without a doctor's prescription although they are self-pay but not too expensive.  About four months after starting the detox, the hair started to regrow in the circles on his head although the hair was lighter than blonde--almost clear.  Doing some research, I found out that Mercury will prevent the production of Melanin (which gives hair it's color) in the body.  Slowly but surely, the hair in the circles started to turn brown in the middle and then spreading out.  Since my son lives hours away from me, he also consulted an Alternative Practicing Chiropractor who adjusted his body and muscle tested him for different foods and supplements.  It's been a little over a year now but he is certainly on his way back to optimal health.  In the near future, he will do a provoked urine test which will measure any amounts of toxins that might be left in his body.  This is our journey and gladly it was successful.  I wish all of you reading this message Good Luck and hope I have helped you make some good choices in getting your hair back!!! 

Just to let you all know, my son's alopecia (totalis) is the result of a vaccination. It was LOADED with aluminum. Many vaccines contain aluminum in high doses of nanoparticles. THe mercury as thimerasol in them is damaging too. No tests have ever been done to determine how these two potently neuro and immuno toxic metals work in tandem. My son has an identical twin who did not get the Men C shot that his brother got. He still has all of his hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. THey tried to tell me that it was his anxiety too. BS. The anxiety is a side product of aluminum toxicity. And, my son's Canadian doctor just contacted me recently to inform me that in his practice he just saw ANOTHER set of identical twins -- girls in which one received the HPV Gardasil 9 and the other did not. The vaccinated girl lost all of her hair -- TOTALIS.  I know this is unwelcome information but if you want to get to root causes of disease, we must address toxicity and to ignore injecting millions of nanoparticles of the most highly toxic immune stimulating adjuvants such as aluminum leaves us all running in circles. Watch Chris Exley on FB on the CHildren;s Medical Safety Research Institute this Monday and his previous interviews on ways to try to get aluminum out.  https://www.facebook.com/CMSRI.ChildrensMedicalSafetyResearchInstit...

and here is more info on what aluminum does to the immune system. THere is much more since then. 


My three year old also lost all her beautiful long wavey hair at 1 years old!  Right after her vaccinations!!! Literally had spots around less than 2 weeks later and it came so aggressive 

My daughter lost all her hair over her entire body (universalis) when she was fifteen months old. She began with just a spot on her head and within 3 months everything was gone. It began a couple of weeks after she got the flu shot. She is seven now and her body has been trying to recover slowly. She eventually got her eyebrows and eyelashes back and has about 60% of the hair on her head. We have only had one doctor acknowledge the fact the it most likely was triggered as a result of the vaccination. 

Very good analogy, and I definitely agree with your thought process!  Mine started when I was in HS, then grew back, and then started to get really bad after the birth of my oldest daughter, and eventually fell out all over my body.  That was almost 30 years ago.  Last 6 years my life has been overloaded with stress due to an abusive marriage and now having to live with disordered parents and siblings.  My stress levels are at an all time high

Cortisone shots will make it come back temporarily but not address the underlying issue 

A scalp biopsy can be used to diagnose alopecia areata better than only clinical diagnosis. That us what U did as part if other tests to get my derm to prescribe Xeljanz...which is only helpful with AA due to autoimmune cause. There are different types of alopecia and sometimes a biopsy can guide treatment.

My son has AU since 2016.He started to use Xeljanz..Within 2 months white hair started to appear.Dr.said,they will soon become darker..So far so good with his blood tests as well.Because of the possible side effects,he has to go through blood tests.

Do the Hair Analysis thru Doctor's Data and find out the REAL reason this is happening---there is always an underlying cause!!!

It can be a good thing to go to a walk in lab for blood work (save time & money), but you should not be diagnosing yourself or a loved one with internet information.  You should leave that to a qualified medical professional - unless you happen to be one.

A first encounter with AA will sometimes correct itself within a few months, the first sign being the white hair which will darken.  Yes, mercury poisoning will make ones existing hair turn white, but I think you're taking a big leap thinking the new hair coming in white is for that reason. 

If you suspected that your son had too much mercury in his system from fish, why do a detox?  Excess metals in the body should be eliminated thru chelation.  

The internet is a wonderful tool, but you can only believe about half of what you read, and too much information can lead to the wrong conclusions and possibly be a dangerous thing.

Hi Zuzu, was your insurance able to pay for Xeljanz?.  My insurance (CIGNA) said that Xeljanz is not meant for AT, only for RA therefore it is considered experimental drugs for AT.  I am now paying out of pocket but hopefully it's worth it. Do you think it's worth it? do you see any progress.  Did your Derma do anything different for the insurance to cover it? My daughter is only been on it for a month and I don't see any progress. Her Xeljanz is on a cream form  She lost her hair within 2weeks and 3 days after seeing the first 3 small patches. 



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