I had gotten on a steady routine and was getting the Thymosin Alpha 1 shots twice a week as recommended by the manufacturer. Things looked promising, because I ended up developing peach fuzz on my head, and had complete coverage. Then, last Friday night I went to bed, woke up Saturday, and it was all gone again. It was almost like when the AU first struck, but in that case, it took 3 weeks to lose it all..In this case, it was a complete transformation overnight.

What I think is that maybe I built up a tolerance to it, just like the Cortisone shots. The Cortisone worked at first, but then it quit working all together.

Today, I had the last shot out of the vile, and I won't waste my money like that again. It cost way more than what it was worth. I refuse to believe there is no cure for this crap. I cannot "accept it," and I will continue looking for something that works for me. It has been almost 15 years of having to wear ball caps or wigs, but there has to be something out there that works for me.

I am so sick of being judged, and ostracized, because of this disease.. I could not get the money for my food truck because of it. I have more than 20% of the needed funds, and I have an outstanding credit score. The Alopecia tanked the deal.

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