Ok, so I feel a bit rotten saying this, but I'm tired of people telling me "So and so had alopecia and their hair all grew back and never came back again." I know people mean well, but we all know that it doesn't always work out that way. 

I've been dealing with this and trying to accept it for the last 2 months. I also had eczema all my life and know that it is a condition that goes in and out of remission. I fully expect the same with the alopecia and I'm fairly sure I will be really shocked and devastated each time it happens. Even if it does grow back, I bet I will never stop checking for spots. 

The other thing is wig shopping. Am I really selfish for not wanting anyone to come with me? I just feel like I will be pressured to be ok with it when in fact I know that it will be emotional. I don't want people to tell me not to have feelings about this stupid condition. 

I haven't actually said anything to anyone, and I know they are just trying to be supportive. Most days I am ok, but sometimes I just feel angry.

I think my reaction has more to do with being angry about this stupid condition. 

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I'm so, so sorry about this. How incredibly difficult! School kids can be terribly cruel, I do know that. I have had to walk hard roads in my life. I am very resilient, as I am sure you are, and when it just gets you down too far, it's hard to resist hurting yourself.

Reach out here for support. WE all understand you and can listen. Maybe that's all you really need to hear right now, WE understand. I have also found that volunteering definitely helps. When I help others in need, I feel good.

Regardless, we understand.

Thank you, AnnS. I'm so glad I found this forum, with other alopecians who understand.  

Just tell yourself "F*** them", they are not worthy to be your friends and shame on the teachers that acts like kids. Pay attention to the goodness around you, there are people who cares, and they will give you strength.

Ha! Yes, hairless bodies. They are appealing. At least my spouse thinks so ;) It's nice to not ever have to shave/wax/groom. Although I really would like eyebrows and eyelashes.

Hi to all. I too had alopecia due to stress. Did the topical creams along with steriod shots. Yes my bald spots grew back and then came back. Got tired of the shots and went with a new approach giving my body a product called Limuplex which targets the entire immune system.It's apart of my daily regimen. It's called limuplex. It repairs and rejuvenatesee the body from with in. Try for yourself. Read more @ www.rejuveneticsglobal.com My ID#25945
I found Limuplex and understanding the All Natural ingredients with in this product it's aabout building up the immune system and functioning in optimal health. Just sharing information. Sharing is caring. One does have to feel hopeless,afraid, discourages we are at the control. Just try and see for yourself.
Faye, did your hair return after using this product? (The Limuplex)

Greetings Rose! 

From my own experience, acceptance is the key. It took me two and half years to truly gather the courage to tell myself that I will be bald and brow less for the rest of my life, and I am ok with it. Once I accept it, I finally could relax again and have my confidence back. Who knows, when we don't care any more, good things may actually happen.

Open to your friends, especially your family, I can not imagine how I can make it through without them. Don't worry that you are angry sometimes, we all were.Take your time, life is beautiful with or without hair :P



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