hi everyone i would love to go to Thailand for 4 weeks as part of a group of people i've never met we will be staying is hostels all together with shared toilets. for my system every 1-2 weeks i have to take it off wash it and remove any hair i have on my scalp  (which is normally quite a lot) takes me about an hour. does anyone have any ideas they have which would help me out because i really don't feel comfortable not wearing my system at all, or even people watching me take it off. Don't know what to do :(

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You may want to consider a different attachment method while you are travelling so you don't have to do such an extensive removal and cleaning process.

There are daily application water soluble adhesives that might work well for you like Tensive Gel, It Stays, and Gotta Be Glued.  You can likely find them all on Amazon. Got to Be Glued is sold in most grocery stores, pharmacies, Target and Walmart.  They can be easily removed with water. You might want to experiment with each one to see which provides you with the most secure hold.

You might also want to have an elastic band sewn into your wig to provide even more of a grip. There are also Wig Grips that you can use to attach your wig.  You might also try some silicone strips in the cap of your wig but they might need to be permanent so you should consult with your stylist prior to going with this option.

I hope this helps. Have a wonderful trip to Thailand. You'll find a method that works for you with a bit of experimenting.  Good luck! :-) 

Ok, if this was me I would find two reasonable priced synthetic wigs that you can take with you. Hopefully your hair style is not really long hair because it might be quite warm there. I recommend the Noriko brand because they have styles that have a monofiliment top and look and feel pretty natural. I would buy Double side tape from Hair Direct, I like Supertape and you will have some security. You can sleep in one of them and then have the second one to place on your head in the morning, maybe with a baseball cap or another type hat. Name Brand Wigs is a great place to buy them, best pricing around.  

Most likely you take a towel into the bathroom in morning, just put your second wig in it. This process takes no time. You would have to take a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner for synthetic wigs which you can buy from Hair Direct, travel size. You can friend me if I can be of further help with ideas to keep it on the down low. LOL

Why don't you go to other nearby countries like Thailand? It seems to me that the Philippines will suit you on demand just right. Given that accommodation there will be many times cheaper, for example,  https://planetofhotels.com/en/philippines/baler will help you to find a good hotel for an adequate price in Baler. And the people there are kinder. Thailand is a very extravagant country. I strongly recommend to go over time to the Philippines.

and what about ticket prices?

Yep. Indeed, the issue of ticket prices is always relevant and few people are willing to donate a lot of money to it. The journey itself is far from the cheapest occupation, and sometimes you have to spend a lot of time analyzing and comparing ticket prices. Fortunately, thanks to https://kissandfly.ng/avia/direction/lagos/dubai, most often you can buy a ticket at the best price.

Well, I never went to Thailand but in Dubai, I've been there many times, I've been coming to Dubai for business and mongering year by year since 2012. But I never stayed at the hotel until my stay is just for a few days. 

I found a very reasonable rate for one-bedroom apartments in Dubai at https://www.dubairent.com/1-bedroom-apartments-for-rent-in-dubai If any of you guys traveling to Dubai rent out the apartments instead of staying in hotels which cost more. 

Thailand is on my waiting list in 2022. This year I ended up traveling all over Europe by train. It was a unique experience worth repeating in my old age with my soul mate. I'm sorry, but I haven't had such experiences as you, I chose to stay to live in people's houses through Couchsurfing, where it doesn't cost you anything, and you interact with the locals. Besides, I bought the tickets from https://www.dbauskunft.com/de/, which cost me cheap. I can say that I had the cheapest trips this year.



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