Went wig shopping- question for those familair with wigs as im new to this

so i went wig shopping and i did try one on that was so comfy. It was silk top no lace. The price was $2800. What do you guys think? I dont know what kind of hair it was. lady wasnt too free with any info. Had a big comb in the front underneath and little band in back. is that reasonable or i guess its hard to tell without knowing what kind of hair. it was human hair that i know. I lookd ridiculous in toppers and those clips hurt me. I guess myhead is too sensitive. I could never wear one.any thoughts?

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It's hard to tell without the brand name.  Seller should have been very free with information.  Was it a European virgin human hair?  Should have been with that price tag.  I have a Freedom wig that was 4K.  It's a vacuum, meaning no tape, glue or combs.  There is a website and information on youtube, if interested in something like that.  Price ranges depending on how long you want the hair and color. They are custom fit and made in New Zeland.  

I agree.  I would be super suspicious of any seller who doesn't answer questions.  The seller should know what kind of human hair it is and happily give you information re care and maintenance.  Either this seller didn't know (which is incredibly stupid for a seller) or she didn't want to say (which is weird).  I say keep looking and find a seller who doesn't have a problem giving info.  

The combs, by the way, can likely be very easily removed.  They are probably sewn in, and you can just snip the thread, unwind it, and take out the comb.  I do it with my wigs, I just use manicure scissors.  

Hi again 123me! 

How are you?

I sent you a personal message. Did you get it?

I will be glad to assist you in looking at options for buying the wig that is right for you and your situation. I have questions that I would like to go over with you if you're interested. 

Click the link to my store here on AW Marketplace and we will go from there: http://www.alopeciaworld.com/notes/Naturally_Yours_Boutique  OR  'befriend' me and we can discuss more.



This is where buying a wig can get very frustrating. The wig business can be very misleading. This is why I have had to take wigs for my daughter into my own hands. I learned about the hair, the caps, how the hair is installed, what type of hair we are really getting, what is the density, what is the front of the wig, lace front,  how to care and maintain wigs and also how to get them repaired. Owning a wig is not a one time deal. Washing them with proper shampoos and conditioners is critical. If you sleep in them what that can do to them. Even deciding if you are going to wear a cap under your wig to keep them from absorbing sweat is something to think about. Many salons do not equip you with this information. The way I have found acceptance of my daughters AU is to help others to not make the mistakes I have. I am glad to answer any question and provide guidance before you go out into the big world of wigs. 

If we're talking about how to buy things properly, then my advice to you - buy everything online. Yes, it may not always be so convenient, because you can not try on this or that thing, but in fact, if you use virtual dressing rooms, everything is quite simple. Go to https://www.looksize.com/blog/digital-fitting-rooms-improve-the-qua... and read about it and how it has affected the industry as a whole.



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