What conditioners work best for your human hair? My Remy human hair needs moisture.

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Hello Ariel

I think it would be helpful if you asked the people that sold you your hairpiece as to what conditioner is best for the hair and the cap. If it is handtied you will need to be careful with conditioners etc. If the hair is processed, you will need guidance from the person who sold or made the wig, to use the right product.

Even if you bought you wig on the internet there should be someone that helps with after care???


If you don't get any help from your vendor with regard to wig care, you might consider trying what I have been doing.

I use Moroccan Oil, Keratin oil, and macademia nut oil on my remy units -- not all at once, of course. ;) I do brush through a little bit every time I style with heat.

In a pinch, I've used good, old fashioned VO5 on to tame hair that was dry and flyaway and had great results.

I've used these products on all human hair wigs, from very expensive virgin vacuum hair to inexpensive lace units.

I also find that a good deep conditioning with coconut oil works wonders on dry hair of all types, even the type growing out of people's heads. I would just be careful not to get oil directly on the knots on hand-tied wigs, as that could loosen them and cause shedding.

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I like ELC Pure Olove Moisturizing Shamp and Cond; I order from Beauty Care Choices.com, plus Loreal deep conditioning hair masque. I also recommend a good leave-in spray conditioner for brushing out tangles.

If you want some detailed information about how to take care of wigs, just let me know and I will give you some help!

I use Matrix strengthening or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner...then i have Paul Mitchell super skinny serum, i apply it after a wash and when hair seem dry and tangle...also, i have Its10 leave in conditioner..



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