There are plenty of women who love short hair, long hair, spikes hair and all kinds of other hair. However I've never met one woman who actually preferred that a man is bald. I've met women who didn't mind or were ok with it but it's never preferred. This means that having alopecia automatically makes you less attractive to women.

So home come how come no Women find it attractive ?

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Culture. What was "in" during our teen years sticks. For me (Beatle and rock era), I will always turn my head to a guy with longish hair. The current crop of teens see more bald idols in movies, on stage, it is more acceptable...but, face it, Sad One: humans grow hair. MOST humans grow hair. Most family members, neighbors, friends and dates have hair. So that is what other humans are used to. You cannot shave the world, so either shine on proudly or accept how most humans are made. Make a happier, more confident and loving YOU, so you can prove to the ladies that bald men rock, too.

By the way, the last two men in my life were bald.
Women don't like my awesome bald self even when I'm happy and outgoing. So I guess you are wrong

I actually find some bald men very attractive.  Preference is just that; preference.  Just because you do not know a woman personally that prefer a bald man, does not mean she does not exist.  Confidence is everything.  Just be a more confident YOU and the rest falls in place.

Lol I tell him that all the time about confidence and still nothing

We all want to help you but every time you start a discussion and someone tells you the same thing over again you disagree.
Maybe start listening and stop crapping over people's comments
Lol bro I don't approach women unless I feel good so you can stop with that confidence bs. Everyone is confident after they take a few shots.
Booze, drugs = false confidence.

Do you like bald women? 

If a woman love a bald man, it is okay that the man is bald. But I myself is a woman, I do not think woman would love their boyfriend or husband to be bald. 

I am attracted to bald men. There a many women who are. It is a presonal preference. 

Honestly it wasn't until i got AU that i became attracted to bald men, it wasn't even voluntary just happened.

What's this? A girl being honest saying bald men aren't attractive? Must be a first time for this website.

I' m bald and women love me ih ih :-)

i'm joing but honestly i think to be a lot of better bald than we hairs ...a bald man appears a lot of more masculine ...

the only problems for me are eyelashes and eyebrown the bald head not only to me a problem but a advantage ...

love yourself and all will love you...

Not true here.  I find bald, clean shaven men VERY attractive.



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