Where to buy an affordable (not to expensive) realistic looking, human hair wig?

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Can you give me a better idea of what "not expensive" is? I would be glad to make some suggestions.

Agreeing with the first response, expensive to one is inexpensive to another. With that, I'm comfortable spending about $300-$550 USD. I prefer to stay more within the $300 range because I have been happy there. If you have insurance, most of my plans haven't helped but I did have luck with Aetna in paying up to $350 a year. I've purchased from wigs.com and enjoyed shopping with them, they are my go to now for online wig shopping. I'm always comfortable with the quality and realistic-ness of Raquel Welch and Jon Renau. Those are my favorites (always lacefront) and I'm comfortable buying them online. I'd suggest to find a local shop that carries multiple brands and deals with working with people with complete hair loss, not just astetic wig wearers. I find that all wigs shops I've visited (dealing in hairloss) have been able to find me multiple wig offerings in my price range which is how I've landed on the two brands listed. It's a nice way for YOU to see what range you want to settle in as well. If you find someone really passionate in this business you'll be super happy with the results. 

Most of my insurance plans, if you have them, won't help you, but I did find success with Aetna, which will pay up to $350 annually. Wigs.com is currently my go-to source for online wig shopping because I've made purchases there and have loved doing business with them. With Jon Renau and Raquel Welch, I've always felt at ease with their calibre and realism. Always lacefront, those are my favourites, and I feel secure ordering them online. In order to work with those who have complete hair loss, rather than just astetic wig wearers, I'd advise finding a nearby store that carries a variety of brands. Seeing numerous wigs has proven to be a common occurrence at all the hair loss wig stores I've visited.



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