Hi everybody. I have alopecia universalis and I would say my scalp is pretty sensitive. I currently wear an Estetica human hair wig called Angelina which I really do absolutely love. Nobody can tell it's a wig and it's very very comfortable. However, it's getting to be a few years old now and I'm debating whether to order another one or try something new. The other wig I'm considering in Jon Renau's Darla. It's very similar in style but I can get it for a little less money. If anybody else out there wears one of these two wigs, can I please get your input as to (1) comfort and (2) quality???? Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

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I have a Jon renau and I wear it when I go out. The quality is pretty good natural. It is dry feeling I have to put wig shine and that helps. I try not to wear it all the time I want it to last. It is my expensive and more natural looking wig if anything I am buying another one her name is alia from Jon renau chin length bob it seems that mid length hair lasts longer. So I would say go for it it is sythetic and it has no shine to it.

Did you get Alia yet? I have been eyeing that wig for the longest time. But what do you mean by it has no shine to it? All my synthetics are so super shiney. That is what makes it look wiggy.

How do you wear a synthetic long hair wig without it getting all ratty in the back, and underneath?

I'm not a fan of synthetic. Just trying to get some feedback from others who wear Estetica human hair and from those who wear Jon Renau human hair.

So sorry, I missed the key words there - human hair. I just googled the style to see what it looked like. OK, so then I have a question...is the human hair wig extremely hot and heavy on your head? And is it hard to take care of?

No, they're actually a lot more comfortable. Synthetic makes my head itch and always seems to fray at the ends after brushing. Human hair is softer and the care is the same, only you're able to use blow dryers and curling irons/flat irons on human hair which is a nice option if you want to change things up! They cost more, but in my opinion, they're definitely worth it!

The Esthetica HH is good quality? How long do they last and what about the care involved?

yeah, it's real good quality.....I've had mine for probably 4 years now and I just take real good care of it and it's still beautiful. But I know that it won't last forever, so I'm looking into some other options. The hair is great - nobody knows it's a wig -- and I work in a hair salon!!!!! The only downfall is that it's not a lace front, so you can't pull it back off the face without the hairline looking a little odd. But the scalp is awesome, not wiggy at all.

Hi Lexi,  I for the most part wear synthetics bcuz I like being able to change up the style according to my outfit ad mood.  The long hair wigs do tend to get ratty in the back fast.  what I do is get wigss that are long enough to be pulled up in a clip in the back.  I normally wear it up and then just wear it down on occasion.  My go to synthetic wig is the STEVIE by JON RENAU..I like it bcuz theres lots of versatility... I can twist it up in the back and put a hair clip, I can split it in two in the back and twist each section up and put a small clip in each side so it looks like two ponytails, I can put two braids which is really cute or pull it to the side and put a ponytail or a side braid... I always get compliments on my "hair"...its a really fun wig that looks nice :)

I have one Estetica wig. Style is Christa, and it is synthetic. I love the density and the style, however, I don't feel like it is of good quality. I paid only $125.00 for it, so for the money I guess it is to be expected. I do have 2 Gabor wigs that seem to have "softer" synthetic hair, but they are very thick and therefore, I feel look wiggy in the front. I don't own a HH wig, but I understand they are far better and more realistic looking....I think it probably depeds on the quality of the synthetic or the quality of the HH???

I am also interested in Darla by Jon Renau so I would be interested in any infor you do get on it and I will do the same for you :)

hi! this is crazy, i just posted a discussion asking about Estetica wigs! I am looking for a new mono top human hair wig and have had a hard time finding ones that work for me. I was very drawn to the Angelina style from Estetica. It was just hard to tell from the picture if it is realistic looking enough on top (sometimes in the photos you can tell theyve just thrown it on some model and it looks awkward and bulky) 

Anyways, so you approve of this wig? do you have any pictures of it? 

I once tried Darla by Jon Renau, it was beautiful hair but I found it was way too thick in the mono top, and didnt look real enough. It also just didn't fit me right. I ended up going with Regal from New Image. 

thats my experience! if you could tell me any more about Angelina that would be great! thanks so much

questions i would possibly like answered are...hehe..

does it have nice thickness and body?

how does it dry naturally?

does it matt or tangle very easily?

how natural and realistic does it look?

thanks so much, and i hope you found something..i know this post is from like 4 years ago. 



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