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I want to help my mother buy her first wig. What is the best way to do that? Should I buy one online or do I need to take her somewhere to get fitted for one? Does anyone know where I can get an amazing wig in the Willow Grove area PA? Thank you

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Nazi Has a very good reputation, however not everyone is ready for the level of financial commitment she offers. You are right that most wigs sold online and through catalogues look nothing like what is depicted. The trick is to find someone that does not have an agenda to sell a particular product and has all levels of products available. This is no easy task as whenever there is a vulnerable population, there are many predators looking to capitalize.

I find it very difficult to suggest a product unless I see and talk with the client in person. There is no way I can know exactly what the client needs in terms of hair quality and many other factors unless I actually see them. I have been in this business many years.

My suggestion to you is to start talking to people locally that need hair. You can contact the local Alopecia support groups, the cancer groups, and many others. Determine your level of financial comfort, then seek out either  a local wig store, or replacement center where you can actually try some different options. This will help you to decide what your Mom's needs will be. Once you have decided your level of comfort you can start shopping for the most knowledgeable and trustworthy company to work with.

Please know that this is a process, not just a buy it and the job is done situation. If you are lucky enough on your first try to find someone you trust, then stay with that person and work out the kinks. If you feel in any way that you are not comfortable, move on to the next possible provider. Do not let anyone talk you in to the product of the day. There is so much available out there that providers that don't offer several options are usually only interested in selling their product, not the one you need.

There is nothing that is a substitute for a face to face consultation. The problem is finding someone honest with your best interest at heart. 

Thanks so much!

Thank you!!

Hi, I would definately take her to a good wig shop, or several if you live somewhere that has many.  There are so many types of wigs, and each has their possitives and negatives, it's such a personal thing. But it can be fun too, make a day of it, it is something that she is so lucky to have you to share this with.  Let us know how it goes.  Chris for hair had a great answer to this!!


If you can I would suggest going to a vendor/stylist.  She/he can measure, help you choose a color, style, type etc and then style it once it arrives.  She can also discuss different caps, synthetic vs. human hair and many more issues.  I bought one online and it did NOT look like it did on the model.  I am sure it was styled exactly for her as your mom's will be for her.  And you do NOT need to spend a fortune for a wig.  I love my synthetics and find they last much longer than people tell you they will.  Best of blessings to you.

I would suggest that you do a search for wig shops in your town or maybe even another town close to you.  It is best to go see all the types of wigs in person.  I buy mine online, but that is because I have found brands/colors that work for me.  Sometimes, the wig will look different in person so it is best not to buy online unless you have already found what you like the best.  The brands that I think are good quality in terms of synthetic wigs are Gabor, Envy, Rene of Paris and Jon Reanu.  I agree to make a day of it!!  Try to make it fun, because it might be a difficult thing for her.

Most women want to start with synthetic wigs. Human air is a big learning curve. My mother-in-law wears synthetic wigs, and that way she can get ones that have some grey, which is better for her, because of her age and because her sisters (and her bio hair) have gone partially grey, so she continues to look similar in age to them-if she wore a complete dark brown wig she would look like she is trying to be "younger"-not something she usually does.

And you can usually only get grey hair in synthetic fiber. But Alliegator is right-although you pay more if you shop in a local salon-eventually she will know enough about what works for her that she will be able to shop online and get a better price.



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