I was wondering if anybody knew anything about writing off wigs when it comes to doing your taxes, specifically in BC, Canada.

I have heard that if you save your receipts and get a doctors note to verify that you indeed need to buy wigs due to alopecia that you can get more money back on your tax return.

If this is true, does anyone know if its a significant amount or if you just get the taxes back, the whole amount of the wig, or what..etc

The reason I ask is because for the past 10 years I have bought wigs from a lady who lets me buy them under the table so i don't have to pay taxes on them, and then I can pay them off slowly, making payments to her over time. (I usually buy expensive human hair wigs and cant afford to pay for it all at once.)

So I'm just wondering if it would be worth it for me to buy a wig up front with taxes so that I would maybe be reiumbursed for it later? Or should I stick with what I've been doing..because I would only get the taxes back anyways..I hope this makes sense.

If anyone in canada who has experience with this please let me know any info you have about this.

Thanks so much, happy new year everyone. :)

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Don't need the note from your doctor to ask for the claim.
I believe it goes on line 330 of schedule 1 under medical expenses. Buying a wig in circumstances of a disease that cause hair loss in a drastic way is eligible. U get 15% on the federal tax return... For provincial it depends on ur province. If u get audited, then the note from Dr could help. I would send a picture lol. Not a lot of healthy people waste lots of money on wigs if not necessary... I have AU and am a chartered PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANT...
GOOD LUCK with this

do you mean 15% of the total cost of the wig? or 15% of the taxes... ? or..

thanks for your info

I'm wondering this too, as I'm just realizing that I need a new wig every 6 months, and the one I get is $500. 

Return_life - I know there are a lot of variables when doing taxes, but what might 15% work out to on a tax return?

Hi Allison,

It would be 15% back on the purchases of the wigs I do believe.  It is something but unfortunately I wish we could get a bursary every 2-3 years.  

okay thank you. should i be attachign receipt and photos with tax return?

Not unless it is requested.  An accountant or brief phone call to an accountant's office would better answer that question but I never have had to attach any of my receipts.  Just keep them in case they wish to audit.

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Oh, what a problematic question... I would be very happy to help you but I am not from BC, Canada and I don't know how laws about taxes work on this subject. In general, taxes and the taxation process for me are a very complicated sphere. So, this is why I use to employ someone who understands it very well and can manage them correctly. This way I feel safe about the correctness of the taxes I pay. If you also need this kind of help, I can leave here the contact I use for these types of questions: https://taxfyle.com/.



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