It seems to me that every wig has those "tabs" right in the front of your ears that make it impossible to tuck behind your ears, or wear in a regular ponytail. I have been wearing wigs for a few months now and am so tired of my "hair" always being in my face.

Do I have to get a bonded hair system or a vacuum wig to find one without those tabs?

Thanks for your advice!!!

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You might want to look into lace-front or full lace wigs and using a temporary adhesive like Got2B Glued spiking cream or Mighty Tite adhesive instead of a more permanent bonding agent. I order them online with caps made to my custom measurements at prices that are competitive what the higher-end "off the rack" synethics cost. The human hair requires a bit more styling effort, but I find it's worth it. Both the lace-front and full lace can be worn in a low pony tail, but if you want to wear a high updo, you will need the full lace and a strong bonding agent to glue down the back hairline.

I wish I could find a wig that I could tuck behind my ears, without making my ears stick out. I wish I could find one that is parted on the right side as well. I have never tried re-parting the monotops with any degree of success. Maybe they need to be steamed after changing the part over so it will lay down right. ??

I can highly recommend particularly if you've got mid to long hair. The wigs are made with real hair and they are very realistic.

I've been wearing a wig for a year now and those are my two biggest complaints--that I can't wear my hair in a ponytail and I hate having it in my face all the time. My wig is a lace front custom European so it fits my head perfectly but I also use a small piece of tape at the front (behind the lace), the sideburns, and the back. I have it layered in front for style and depending on the day, I put the long bangs up in barretts or use a butterfly clip in back. As far as ponytails go, I think we're stuck with low ponytails. The only glimmer of hope is that I found if I loosely tuck my hair behind my ears, it looks natural.

I can wear my bonded hair system behind my ears or in a ponytail!

Aimee, It is, basically, a wig, with good quality human hair, bonded on with medical adhesive at a salon that specializes in hair loss. It stays on all the time, night and day, and only comes off for my service every 4 weeks or so.


How long have you had the bonded system? I know they are super expensive, and you have to go in monthly for service. If it was going to be the perfect solution for me, though, I would spend the money!! I was just wondering -- what if you are allergic to the glue? I sometimes get a reaction from bandaids and medical tape, so I would hate to invest all that money and not have it work. Also, does the sweat and dead skin cells build up under the cap? Wouldn't that cause irritation and odor? Hope these questions aren't too personal. Thanks!

Hello, As a hairdresser I have found that the Grippers, by Follea is designed for the alopecian.
The temple/ear at the sides are designed to have an artificial hairline cut to memmick the growth hairline. This also makes it easier to get glasses and sun glasses on and off. Shoot me an email at and I will send you some pictures of what I think you are wanting.
Carmen West, Hairdresser

Oh how I miss being able to wear my favorite sunglasses!!!!!!

Hi Kara, I have been wearing bonded hair systems for over two years, and I just got my new gorgeous long,platinum blonde one yesterday. It is my third system. I figure if I have to deal with alopecia then I am going to have my "dream hair"! They are a little over $2,000 for long European hair, and last about a year, before they start getting skimpy, although they can be repaired. If you get a darker shade they should last longer. I go in every four weeks and pay a little over $100 including tip. I can wear sunglasses with it also! I guess I would advise doing a spot test with the glue to make sure you are not allergic before commiting to purchasing a system. There are several different adhesive choices so i would assume you could find at least one that agrees with you. I shower with it on and wash my "hair". It is mostly made of breathable, but durable lace, and I do not experience any odor. For me, it has given me my life back. I am a young woman and am able to feel free to do yoga, date, drive with the top down, go on a boat, etc. without fear of my wig flying off. I support anyone who chooses to go bald, but I just don't feel like myself without hair flying around. It is also very comfortable for the most part, and I can even lay out in the sun without overheating. My body runs on the cold side, so I actually prefer the extra warmth most of the time. If you have any other questions let me know!

Kara, I noticed you live in New York. I live on Long Island and strongly recommend checking out Hair Systems of Long Island. They are located in Commack, and Levittown! I do not work for them in any way, I am just a very satisfied customer!

The Gripper Cool and Gripper Sport does not have the tab in front of the ear. Grippers are designed to be able to put your hair behind your ears or your glasses or sun glasses on and off without going over those tabs. The reason is that a hair stylist (who knows how to cut prostheses) will cut in the hairline, that way no bare lines at the face or nape area. You then will be able to pull your hair up in a high pony tail, get your glasses on and off easily. The cool gripper 2" wide band of medical grade silicone on interior perimeter ONLY. The Gripper Sport extra of medical grade silicone throughout entire cap. Both Gripper have a lace front, and are hand tied on top, so you can have a off the face style, NO tape, No glue and comes in 5 sizes. If anyone wants to see a picture of the pony tail email me directly at and I will send you the pictures.
Hope this helps?
Carmen West, Master Hair Stylist
Specializing in Cutting Human Hair Prosthesis.



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