"A woman with alopecia has said she hopes her appearance at London Fashion Week will be an inspiration to others."

According to the article at BBC, "Laura Mathias, 31, hid her condition for 17 years but has been setting herself challenges to embrace it."

"A year after "ditching her wig" she took to the catwalk in London which she described as "terrifying".

She joined 30 models from diverse backgrounds with clothes designed to help people with disabilities."

"Laura Mathias said she hopes that she can be the role model for other young girls that she never saw as a teenager with alopecia."

"Ms. Mathias took part in Victoria Jenkins "Unhidden" show at London Fashion Week on 17 February."

"It was terrifying, I'm not going to lie, it's been a real journey coming to terms with going out and about as a bald woman and embracing my alopecia," she said."

"But that doesn't mean there aren't other parts about me that I'm learning to love still. I'm a 31-year-old woman there are still things I wish I could change or I'm trying to embrace."

"The only thing that got me through was thinking I have made myself challenges

to promise myself to be that person that I couldn't see when I was losing my hair,

I have to do this for her."

Read the full story here!

Are there any challenges that you set for yourself?  Could you use some support to do so?

If so, let's do it together!

Other groups you may like to inspire you to venture out of your comfort zone!

Models with Alopecia


The Bald Mannequin Project

Find a way to Use your Difference

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Fabulous! Good for her. Thanks for sharing the article with us Cheryl.



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