Hi All--

I have been reading your many posts over the past year as I have been struggling with what is now my 3rd relapse of AA. The first two (back in 2007 and 2008) resulted in rapid regrowth, and by 2010 I had all my hair back again. This time around has been a whole other nightmare.

I noticed the first signs of a relapse in December 2012, and almost exactly one year later, I shaved my head because I couldn't hide things with extensions anymore. I have been watching some very slow regrowth over the past 6  months, but now my eyebrows, eyelashes and most other body hair are disappearing.

Strangely, there is still some regrowth on my head. Is this the indication that I have progressed to AU, or is there hope for possible regrowth? Once it hits your body hair, is that it? Or has anyone gotten to that point, but gone into remission again? 

I was gradually coming to accept the loss of hair on my head, but losing my eyebrows and eyelashes is beyond devastating. It is so hard to look normal without them. My eyes have always been my best feature. Now I look in the mirror and just look...ill. 

I want to have some hope--I really do. But I also don't want to grasp onto false hope. I have never been a person prone to depression, but it has kicked in over the past 6 months. I feel so alone, and I wake up each morning wishing I could just go back to bed.

I just got on Zoloft and am beginning to see a therapist (who has AU since 1982). The therapist's goal is to help me gain "acceptance", but I am also not a quitter. I am still searching to discover if there is hope for regrowth. Any stories or advice would be helpful. 


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Hi Susan-

I am experiencing my first AA hair loss. All of my hair fell out within 2 months! I started with traditional RX methods then found another doctor who specializes in AA using DNCB (Dr. Richard Strick in Santa Monica, CA). I can't answer your specific question but when I asked him what happens if my hair begins to fall out again - he said that there would be warning signs - small patches at first and that I would need to immediately begin the treatment again to stop the progress. There was something in the news a few weeks ago- a treatment using Tofacitnib Citrate (pill form) which is a drug for arthritis. Google it.

Hope this helps. Good luck. 

Hi Susan,

I was diagnosed with AA when I was 10 yrs old. I know the feeling of looking in the mirror and feeling ill. About two years ago, my hair started growing back and it's grown a lot but I'm been experiencing bald spots coming back. Unfortunately, I am highly prone to depression. I'm 21 now, about to be 22 and if I haven't learned anything else, I've realized that it is okay and necessary to accept Alopecia but that doesn't mean I have to give up on myself and what I want (my hair) and some days are harder than others. I do things like the inversion method and use olive oil and eggs for my hair and have seen great improvement. I don't have 100% of my hair but I realize it's okay. I understand it's hard to accept but it's necessary because NOTHING is more important than your happiness. So that means just channeling your energy on what you do have instead of what you don't. I hope this helps.

I lost my hair in 2 cycles, AU in both, and have been bald since I was firstly 7 yrs old, then it grew when I was 12-13 and within 6 mths lost it all again. I went through horrid teasing, and know that just added to all the pressure. I strongly believe AU is sensitive to our emotions. So firstly I must say, you need to settle a bit. Settle doesn't mean give up. It just is a peace within. There are many days I struggle with this even after 44 yrs, so it's not something we can beat ourselves up over. We are different, and society rules by looks....even if they say they don't!

Can you go beyond this, and have regrowth,,,absolutely, it's always possible, and if your heart leans that way, try to be the healthiest you can be. Peace of mind, peace within,,,peace outward. I totally believe the AT and AU are two separate functions. If it grows on your head...great,,,don't worry about the rest. There are a few great UTubes on False Eyelashes, and on ebay you can get black glue, that looks like eyeliner.

I believe we are an enlightened soul.  As I was told as a child....God only made one perfect head, and the rest, he had to put hair. LOL  And,,,for years, I believe we are higher evolved. Did you ever notice that aliens don't have hair. We've not seen one in front of us yet, but all the characterizations of them are bald. The Egyptians used to shave their entire body of hair, to resemble some of their Gods.

So deep within,,,always remember,,you are special...simple <3


Prepare for the worst (no regrowth), but hope for the best.


Peace and blessings to you.

I finally accepted my hair loss by living and laughing and enjoying my life and good health. My use of scarves have influenced friends and loved ones to shower me with lovely gifts; my most beautiful ones came all the way from India. I wish you well in your journey to acceptance.


My husband has suggested scarves...I have been hesitant to try them, because they seem to be very fashionable, like they pull a look together. When I lost my hair I also lost my desire to dress up and wear makeup. I feel silly wearing dresses anymore, so I'm beyond casual these days - always in jeans and Ts or workout clothes - kind of a slob.

Could you suggest any resources for scarves?  From learning how to wrap/tie them, to great places to buy them or the fabric to make them? I think I'm ready to get back to caring how I look...just a little bit.


Just an aside. I buy scarves fromhttp://www.anokhiusa.com/ and they are beautiful.  I wear them alone or with hats and create a fashionable look. the scarf in my photo is from beau scarves which are nice too but I prefer anokhi cotton scarves as they breathe and are so lightweight. 

Check out Turkish scarves.

When my daughter lost her eyelashes at 6 years old it was really hard. I was just talking to someone today and said if given the choice of eyelashes or a head full of hair for my daughter, I would ask for eyelashes. Of course she is too young at 8 for fake eyelashes everyday, but we did use some for a dance recital. They looked great. I agree with what someone else said about searching youtube videos. Fake eyelashes take some practice, but they look great. After using them with my daughter, I tried them for myself and have to admit I loved them. I have also seen fake eyebrows for sale. I don't know much about them, but they will definitely be an option for her if she chooses that when she is older. I know it is hard going through this. You feel like you have no control, but you do have control over other aspects of your life. When my daughter first lost her hair, I decided there was nothing at the present to cure her so we concentrated on making her the healthiest we could. I think healthy food and exercise has really help with the depression. There is nothing better than waking up physically strong. Knowing she is strong and healthy has done wonders for her confidence. A strong body equals a strong mind.


I sent you a friend request. I'd like to talk or email with you, if possible. First, because I live in Pacific Palisades. It would be so great to actually connect with someone near me. Second, I saw Richard Strick for over a year. I have much to expand on his therapy. Please "friend" me if you want to discuss further.

There is always hope for regrowth.  I had noticed that I was losing my hair again in some spots.  My hair loss was behind and to the right side of my head but it appears to be coming back with that baby bird stuff hair that I had before when it began growing back.  I lost all the hair on my head but it did grow back and it did take quite a while.  I've never lost my eyebrows or eyelashes, yet, but I am thinking positive that your hair will grow back again.  If you thought that your eyes were always your best feature then your eyes are still beautiful.  In my mind a person is most hardest on themselves so I am sure, again, that you have many more 'best features' than you thought you had.  I was glad to see in your post that you accepted the loss of your hair on your head.  I know losing your lashes and eyebrows is another kick but you will be fine whether your hair grows back or not.  There is hope and I will send prayers for you.

You take care.   

Thank you, Susan, for those words of encouragement. That wispy, baby bird stuff is mostly what's growing in, bit there are dark patches starting to appear. I doubt my head will ever look normal again. I just praying that the eyebrows/lashes are not permanent. That is so hard. Send good karma my way, as I do for everyone struggling here.




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