I just wanted to give everyone an update on my fiancé's progress while taking Xeljanz. My fiancé has had alopecia for the past 2 years. When she first started taking Xeljanz she had no eyebrows or eyelashes, and about 80% hair loss on her scalp. After taking 5 mgs twice a day for the past 2 months she has started to have regrowth on her eyelashes and eyebrows.
Please keep in mind they are not terminal hairs yet, but it is a huge start considering she had none. This is a great sign that she is responding to the medicine. Although she has not noticed any regrowth on her scalp as of now, the hair that she does have has not been fallen out since starting Xeljanz

We both continue to stay positive and optimistic.

Please contact me if you have any question I would be glad to help out in anyway that I can.

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Thanks for the update.  I just started taking it at 2 pills a day and am optimistic.  I just recently turned AU, but do have a few eyebrows on my left eye, maybe they will stay now.  Thanks again and keep us updated and I will too.  I think we will get a better feel for how this drug works if everyone posts their progress.  

How are you getting the Xeljanz?

I was all set to participate in a study at Columbia but due to being delayed (due to train traffic) I missed out on being a member of the study....

needless to say, I AM TOTALLY DEVASTATED :(

So happy for you too and best of continued luck :)

The study I was  set to be a part of was (IS, actually )supplying a dose of two 5mg pills a day.

You are very welcome. I wish you the best of luck and please keep us all posted on your progress.

Glad to hear.

Give it time :)

That is fantastic news!!

Good luck. Just started xeljanz this week as well. Will update if there is anything to update. I'm not part of a trial, just freestylin' it. The trials upset me because you have to quit taking the drug after several months, which would suck if you came really close to growing your hair back and suddenly had to stop.

How are you "freestyling"..

In other words, how are you getting the meds?

my dermatologist prescribed it and i'm using the $8000 copay card provided by zeljanz which is very easy to obtain btw. once that runs out in a couple months i'll have to decide if it's worth paying for out of pocket. 

Quick question, I friend requested you to ask but I will just put it here. I got the co-pay card in the mail from Pfizer. My dermatologist is willing to prescribe it and I am aware of the cost (I'll do anything to feel normal again). How did you go about getting Pfizer to let you use the copay card since we don't have RA. Will my pharmacy deal with Pfizer, or will I need to call them? Any info would be great. Feel free to message me and maybe you can give me some insight. It has been 2.5 years of this battle with my hair!

Hey Justin, were you able to use your co-host card and get started on Xeljanz?

Thrilled for you and progress thus far!

How are you getting the Xeljanz?

 I also started xeljanz this week. I am taking 5 mg twice per day. I am not part of a study. Dr. Burkfeld at Cleveland Clinic prescribed it for me. I was told by an intern there that they have been able to get insurance to pay for all the patients they have prescribed Xeljanz except one who was on Medicare. I had to pay 1300 dollars this time, but now that I've met my deductible for the year, my insurance should pay the total cost for the rest of the year according to a representative at my insurance company. I'm very happy about that and super excited. I will let you all know whether I get results or not. Good luck everyone!!



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