HI Guys,

Has anyone imported Xeljanz from india via Fedex?

Just wondering if its reliable and if it gets through customs without issue.


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Thank you yp that's super helpful - I appreciate it!

Anna, I have friends that live in Canada and when I was having a hard time getting my meds for a decent price, I checked with Costco in BC. I couldn't believe the price was so cheap! But I'm sure you need a prescription. I was a landed immigrant 20 years ago, but I read you have to apply for that again after so many years so I didn't place my order there. 

Hey Carlie - Xeljanz was available from Costco in BC????? For real?

Here's the email thread with the number for Costco at the bottom:

 From: D992 PHM
> Sent: Wed, 17 Jun 2020 11:34:50 -0700
> To: cbhomes4u@yahoo.com
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: Cost for Xeljanz
> Hello Carlene,
> 1 bottle of Xeljanz 5mg 60 tab bottle would cost $29.66
> Jason S
> On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 9:12 AM a rel="nofollow noopener" shape="rect" target="_blank" href="mailto:cbhomes4u@yahoo.com">cbhomes4u@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Customer name: Carlene Ferrero
> Customer phone: 9168491873
> Hello, can you please tell me what it would cost to order xeljanz 5mg 60 tab bottle
> --
> Sincerely,
> Costco Pharmacy
> 778-732-1455 ext.0

Wow thank you SO MUCH Carlie!

I just called the Costco Pharmacy hotline in Canada and i was told a bottle of 60x5mg was over $1600. I'm not sure how this person was quoted $29.66?? I am assuming their insurance is covering a large portion of it?

Not sure - the person I was asking for is going to make his own inquiries so I will let you know what he finds out! It does seem incredible.

Anyone from canada who is receiving tofacitinib from beacon pharma? What's the way of getting it? Any problem with customs? I'm messaging Beacon on their website and email addresses, no reply. Is there a way I can contact and order the medicine? AU here. Want to try for the first time.

Hi guys

Just wondering how long it took people to start responding to tofacinix. I'm 4 weeks today on, and have noticed eyebrow grow and head hair growth. Very faint and soft, patchy but filling in each day. I'm on 10mg. Is this a good response? Hope you are all well

Hi hgpb,

It's a very good response. For most people it takes a few months and a higher dosage. You are responding great!

Thanks, Nat. That's good to know. I had some side affects, like headaches and an unsettled stomach to start with, but they have subsided now. I do keep getting a sore tongue though, like when you burn it on a hot drink? My bloods are being monitored by my GP, who says everything is looking normal so hopefully stays that way. 

I have been on Tofa for 19 months now. I had a full regrowth by 6th month. The side effects I have - a high cholesterol, some mild sores from time to time and this about it. Good luck!



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