I tried Xeljanz and now Jakafi and still no regrowth. I am thinking there is nothing that will work for me. Anyone else in the same boat?

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Hi mtran, do you have any updates?

Currently not taking anything. Trying to get Olumiant approved by insurance. Another JAK inhibitor that works for some

I've seen study results for olumiant. If you are female and over 40, the chances of this working are great.  If you are female and gave birth to a child in the past 10 years, the chances of this working are great.  

If you are an adult male, the chances of baricitinib working are next to none.  You'll regrow unpigmented crown hair to maybe 20%, but that's all they are seeing happen.

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how about trying ctp534?

CTP534 would be hard to get I would think.

How long did you try them for?

I was really patient after trying SO MANY things and being ready to give up but having read the research I was willing to wait. Xeljanz took over 6+ months to even begin to work for me and after 8+ months to see hair all over the head. Years later, I now I have 99% regrowth on 10mg/day. My dr wanted to put me on steroid pulses but having done that before and already wearing fake hair I didn't want to bother. 

I was on Xeljanz and then Jakafi for well over a year and little to show for it except side effects. Certainly long enough to know neither were working. I think I am a unicorn and nothing is going to work and I just have to live with it.



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