I need an accountability partner(s). I thought I would start this discussion in which we can log our workouts and help each other keep on track. As well as encourage each other when the going gets tough.

Your workouts don't have to be big or hardcore to join the accountability group.

Perhaps you are just starting and a 20-30 minute walk is your choice. But if you have a desire to do it more frequently and have not been doing it... then this place is for you!

See you at the gym ;)

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i am not sure what I have to do but if your running it Cheryl it has to be beneficial so count me in. Let me know what I have to do.

Basically just check in and say you did your workout. If we don't hear from somebody for a bit, we give them a "gentle" unless they say they say the need "tough love" Also perhaps we can post motivational quotes/articles,progress...

For instance, I recently started the TurboFire workouts.

Saturday - I did the Fire30 workout
Sunday - I did the HIIT 15 workout & a 30 minute weight workout
Monday - Day of Rest

I will tune in tomorrow.



Ok Pat i down the coast for 2 days R & R I was home alone, wheres my motivating force down the coast so i have to motivate myself. Ok look in mirror at 6.30am great shock of life at condition of body, motivation complete in gym at 650am, bench press weights at 6.55am, workout finished at 7.45am. Go home for breakfast and feel great that I did it all by myself. 8.30am finish breakfast, shower and ring Pat and put guilt trip on her for not working out while on her break down the coast. What a perfect way to feel good about your workout looking down from the high moral ground. Hope this helps and weights weights and more weights is the best workout for changing your body shape. I have put on 11KG while working out with weights but dropped 2 trouser sizes in the process.

Hey John, Yes, my ex was a body-builder/fitness instructor, I know and have experienced the benefits of having muscle on my frame.

Have you seen this?

Former Mr. Universe Turn 100!

Or for the women out there Ernestine Shepherd started working out at 72 in 2007!

Pretty awesome 100 I may feel that old in the gym with all the youth around but to be 100 in the gym is just awesome. I am actually getting into this motivating thing well done for keeping us on track

great idea, Cheryl...I need to be held accountable!
ok, so Saturday i ran only about 2 miles, it was an "irish marathon" for drinkers with a running problem. We ran from pub to pub...seriously. I only did a couple legs of it then ran off to meet my husband, but it was a lot of hills.
Monday - Insanity DVD, Cardio
Tuesday - Insanity DVD, Cardio resistance (my butt hurts!)

the plan is to do the DVDs 6 days a week for at least a month, until it gets lighter in the morning, then I can rotate Insanity with running.

keep me in line!!!

WOW! You are doing insantity!? At one time I could of, but not so right now. LOL! I will start out with TurboFire and them maybe work my way up to insanity or P90X.

Hell now that's a workout.

Hey Molly, wanted to check in on you. How is it going?

I wanted to add, that your workouts don't have to be big to join the accountability group. Perhaps you are just starting and a 20-30 minute walk is your choice. But if you have a desire to do it more frequently and have not been doing it... then this place is for you.

Just back home from Yosemite. Did lots of hiking in the snow.
Tomorrow is Pure Cardio at One Martial Arts!

Welcome Back. Hopefully you enjoyed Yosemite! Now isn't that crazy, you were in the snow in California and we have 80 degree weather?!!!!



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