I need an accountability partner(s). I thought I would start this discussion in which we can log our workouts and help each other keep on track. As well as encourage each other when the going gets tough.

Your workouts don't have to be big or hardcore to join the accountability group.

Perhaps you are just starting and a 20-30 minute walk is your choice. But if you have a desire to do it more frequently and have not been doing it... then this place is for you!

See you at the gym ;)

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Job-related weight loss: having to miss lunch on a new assignment (one-on-one observation for a few weeks), plus walking all over campus with this student...who likes to try to run ahead and ditch me when he socializes. I also have been eating meat and veggie meals for breakfast.

Birthday-related weight loss: walking around Gold Rush towns with a friend, despite all the birthday food.

Another 5 pounds off!

30 pounds off since April!

Tallgirl, that is awesome! You are inspiring. I need to get back on track... again ;)

FORTY pounds lost since last April (2012)! Woo hoo!


Awesome job Tallgirl!

Have now lost FIFTY pounds since April, 2012!

Count em 50!!! Woo Hoo!!!

That is SO awesome Tallgirl. You must feel great! You should post some pictures here.

Oooh Risque! No Really TG Congratulations!!!

SIXTY pounds lost now. Here's that photo.



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